Best Work From Home Jobs in 2020

As we’ve already said, working from home is a great opportunity that modern technology and new communication systems are offering to workers and companies. This article will guide you through the best work from home jobs.

Previously, we’ve analysed skills and behaviours that will crucially help you in this long process that will make you a great remote employee.

Today, we’re going through the main jobs that nowadays would offer you the best opportunities to work from home.

Freelance Writer

It’s a job that could be connected to any kind of field. It requires specific knowledge but gives freedom and great possibilities to the writer. In fact, as a freelancer, you’d be able to write for different magazines, blogs, websites… that could relate to different topics and subjects. Payments could be arranged in different ways, you could get money per piece, per word or per hour, and don’t forget that you set your price. It’s very important that you won’t sell your soul for working, there are so many jobs for freelancers out there that it would be very silly working for a long time for a small amount of money.

Finding paid online writing jobs as a freelancer will be easier when you’ll have some content pieces published online, so, you should probably consider to start your own blog, or website, to show people what you can practically do!

In the quite likely case that you’re just about to start writing online, don’t worry, there are many transcription jobs for beginners. Of course, that will not make you earn as much as normal paid online writing jobs, but it will give you experience and knowledge.

The quality of pieces as to be very high, this means that if you’re not a native speaker you’ll need to practice a lot. There‘s always something new to learn, keep studying to stay up to date.

Also, degrees as a Journalist or Digital Writer are almost necessary to show your reliability.

Software developer

Companies are always looking for software developers. If you have the right skills and are experienced enough, Ireland is the country you’re looking for. With salaries that could reach peaks of 100.000€ per year, these positions also offer job security and opportunities for professional growth. All you need to find a job in this field is being able to work independently, with some experience on your back in the working-from-home environment.

Knowing communication tools is also a plus. There are many software development tools that simplify the communication for employees working remotely. Being proficient with such tools is very useful, but it obviously needs some practice.

Remember also that Software development is one of those few lucky sectors where you don’t necessarily need a specific college degree. The massive demand for new developers won’t make it hard to find a spot for working remotely.

Web or graphic designer

If you have a good portfolio as a graphic designer, you’re in a good spot. Few options open up in front of you. You could consider to start your own business, or just join a company and make a good 50,000€ per year. In this field, all you will need to work remotely is experience and the right contacts, that of course always help. Once you’ve shown your value, it won’t be hard to convince your boss to let you work remotely. 


Translating is normally a job that gets done from home. Could be done as a freelancer or for agencies. The salary will be enough to live on it, but won’t allow you to have the wealthy life you’ve been dreaming of. However, online transcription jobs for beginners are definitely a good starting point to work remotely.

Customer service representative

As the translator, this is a job that pays the bills, and might allow you to take some breaks during the year. We’re not talking about a dream-job, but it’s definitely a good solution for start making money from home.

Start your own business

If working from home is your real dream and you have the possibility of doing it for yourself, you’re probably making true the wishes of 80% of the people on the globe. There are no limits here, you can do whatever you want, as soon as making money stays your main focus. Ideas, that’s all you need, then working from home is going to make everything more enjoyable. Fortunately there are many tools that can help you starting your own business nowadays. You can make your logo for free, you can find countless free templates for PowePoint (and Harvey balls to show your results).

Working from home, the dream, the fear and the happiness. Working remotely is a mix of all these emotions, it brings you to the next level and once you try it, you either love it or detest it, nothing in the middle. This guide showed you what the best work form home jobs are. We’ve already explained to you how to look for a job abroad, remote jobs don’t make any difference, follow our guide and make your dreams come true. Now, on!