Best Voice Over Agencies online in 2020

If you are a film producer, a video maker, or simply have your own podcast, recording voice overs is a big thing in your daily life. We’re about to show you the best voice over agencies you can find online.

Voice overs are crucial in the media environment but sometimes, during the production, we really don’t know who should record them. It’s very important to not underestimate the power of voice overs. In fact, they can be very expressive and even if there’s no one on screen pronouncing those words, they can have a great impact on the audience. For these reasons, picking the right voice and recording it properly, with the right interpretation, really makes the difference.

On the web, we can find a massive number of voice over artists and voice over agencies, and some of them are really reliable and top-notch quality. Unfortunately, there are also a few cases of very expensive products that don’t really live up to the quality of the voice overs that they describe in the ads. In this article we will present to you a list of the best voiceover agencies online. 

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Best voice over agencies online

Going online, it’s very important to make sure that the money we’re going to spend will end up in the right hands. For this reason, it’s always better to Google the name of the company that will provide your service and check their history. This way you’ll be able to find out if they’ve already scammed someone or if they have a good reputation as a reliable online service. Remember, nothing gets lost on Google. 

Voice 123

voice over website: voice123

Voice123 is a very simple and tidy website that offers voice overs. It’s very straight forward, you only need to enter a keyword and the search engine will do the job for you. Voice123 always offers enough alternatives to make you happy with any kind of voice over you will need. There’s an option for anything on Voice123. Pick the keyword that better describes your project, type it into the search bar and… there you go! A long list of voice over talents will appear on your screen. No doubts that you’ll easily find the one. 

Bunny Studio Voice

free voice over

Bunny Studio Voice is a top-quality voice over agency. They offer a massive range of languages and styles, working with some of the best voice over talents in the world. You only need to select the language and length of your voice over script and Bunny Studio Voice will do the job for you. Bunny Studio Voice will show you a long list of opportunities and it’s just not possible to not find a good option that perfectly fits your project.


free voice over

The guys of Voices claim their website to be “The World’s #1 Marketplace for Voice Overs“. Well… honestly, I don’t feel like taking the responsibility of saying this one is better than the others. For sure, here we are in front of a great website. Browsing, we immediately notice the uncountable options to filter the voice over talents. They could be picked by category, location, language, accent, role and style. Once your favourite voice over artist is picked, you only need to contact them, send them the voice over script and start working on your project.

Voicovers: voice over scripts website We are facing a great website. The offer is pretty clear and you can filter all the voice over talents by gender, category, age and language. Great options are available on the website for perfectly recording the voice over for your product. Another great alternative to all the websites already presented above. Ordering on is very simple. Top quality freelancers with reliable CVs will be in touch with you and will deliver your files according to your needs. Voiceovers.con is a great  voice over website and that justifies their prices that sometimes could sound a bit too high. But, if you want quality, you have to spend money.


voice over scripts website

Fiverr is a budget alternative to all the websites that you’ve already discovered above. It’s a very nice platform where you can order pretty much everything, including voice overs for movies and podcasts. This website is very famous and has a very wide offer. In fact, you can also purchase animations, logos, graphics and every other kind of free-lance work. Talking about the voice overs section of the website, talents are very well organized in sections and you can filter them using keywords. Delivery time can vary, but there’s always a “Fast Delivery” option to speed up the process and make sure to receive the audio file on time for working on your project. You’ll also be able to buy the broadcasting rights of the piece, and to have it checked or translated. The options offered by Fiverr are extensive, so make sure to explore the website properly before placing your first order. Finding the right freelancer to the job will be the key, just take some time, don’t rush your choice.

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Our verdict on voice over agencies online

Above, I’ve just presented some of the main voice over agencies. They’re famous and verified top-notch quality. Now it’s time to write the voice over script and then record the voice over for your short movie or show. Things are just about to sound professional and great. 

A great voice over will change the sound of your product, improving the professionalism and the quality of the whole thing. Don’t waste your time on scammy websites, check out some of those presented above and give a professional turn to your own show!

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