Best Spotify promotion services in 2020

If you’re an artist and making music is your job, you probably would like to have your music noticed on Spotify. A Spotify promotion service can help you with this! Releasing music is a big thing itself and with nowadays technology, hitting the web is simple and quick. However, there’s nothing worse than having a YouTube channel or a Spotify profile with no followers and just a small bunch of plays.

Particularly, on Spotify, this is the only thing that matters (beside the quality of the music!). People will judge your product accordingly to the number of plays that it got after it’s released.

That’s why building a reliable profile, with authority and a fair amount of plays is crucial if we want to be taken seriously by the audience.

As usual, Job Wherever got you covered! Today, we’re presenting you the best Spotify promotion service on the market!

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What’s a Spotify promotion service?

A Spotify promotion service is a way to promote your music through some websites that are able to include your songs into numerous playlists. This makes your product easy to find for people and, if the quality of it is good, should earn a good number of plays in a fairly short amount of time.

A great factor that makes promotion services very effective, is their ability to target the audience. This means that your songs won’t be listened to by random people, but only by those that might actually be interested in the genre that you cover. So, it should be easier for you to create a fanbase.

Remember, a promotion service is very different from buying likes. A promotion service will give you real followers interested in your product. Buying likes will probably hurt you rather than grow your fan base. If you are considering guying likes, read this article to understand why you should NOT buy likes!

Why is Spotify music promotion crucial?

Promoting your music on Spotify is as important as having a high quality product. Nowadays, people tend to listen to music on mobile devices, so to be noted you’ll need to advertise your music through all the online platforms. In particular, Spotify music promotion is a big factor in the industry now, because Spotify is the most famous service in the world for music streaming. Being included into a big names’ sea, will certainly make you a bigger fish!

Tip: make sure to have a nice logo, people are more likely to listen to you if you have a good logo!

Why is Spotify playlist promotion important?

When you sponsor your music on Spotify using a Spotify promotion service, the main thing is to be aware of all the connections that the service offers. Generally, these kinds of services work with large numbers of playlists, which means that they could have your music spread out on the web to be found by potential new fans. Spotify playlist promotion is the element that differentiates a really good promotion service by a mediocre one. 

What are the best promotion services for Spotify?

Music Promotion Corp

Let’s talk about one of the best Spotify music promotion service. It’s called Music Promotion Corp and it surely is one of the greatest Spotify promotion services you can find online.

Firstly, Music Promotion Corp only deals with a real audience. So using this tool will make you spread out your music to real people. You won’t be buying fake followers and plays, all the outcomes ARE REAL!

Music Promotion Corp also offers Spotify playlist promotion. They work with over 2,000 Spotify playlists, which means that your music could potentially land with your music on a massive number of playlists. 

Spotify price of promotion

Boost Collective, more than a simple promotion service

A Spotify promotion service can help you promote your music by adding it to Spotify playlists. However, there are tons of other ways to advertise your music. From social media posts to ads banners and gigs in your area. If you are the type of artist that prefers to focus on producing your music, leaving the marketing to someone else, Boost Collective is exactly what you need!

What does Boost Collective offer?

Boost Collective is a 360 degree marketing service to promote your music that offers the following services:

  • Social media posts and blog feature
  • Cover art creation
  • Music video creation
  • Spotify playlist feature
  • Master your music
  • Get on repost networks
  • Collaborations with other artists
  • Gigs in your area
  • Advertise your music
  • Soundcloud plays
  • And much more….

How does Boost Collective work?

Boost Collective is really easy to use. The first step is to get some Boost Collective credits. You can use these credits to buy any of the tasks I listed
above. Most of the tasks only require one credit to get (for example, one credit gets you a custom cover art), so you can start out by getting 5 or 10 credits. Once you have credits, you can immediately begin using them on getting any of the services mentioned above, no account needed!

Free promotion services

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They say you could find anything for free online. True? Yes. Yes, but… free isn’t a synonym for good quality. For this reason I encourage you to check out Music Promotion Corp. This company offers a guaranteed product and ensures that your product does not fall into the hands of some tricky free service that is probably nothing but a scam. Promoting your art isn’t cheap, I know. And I’m aware of the fact that you probably have limited finances at this stage, but remember: you have to invest if you want to get results. Free Spotify promotion services would make you save a small amount of money… but, how can you be sure about what you’ll get back?

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