Best Printers for Chromebook in 2021 for All Budgets

Chromebooks are economical portable computers with an impressive battery life. I already explained the differences between Chromebooks and normal laptops in another article, so I won’t dwell on this here. As Chromebooks have a different operating system than windows, you are probably wondering if normal printers will work with Chromebooks. Fortunately, the answer to this question is that most printers do. In this article I will review the best printers for Chromebooks and help you make the best choice.

How does printing with a Chromebook work?

Let’s start with the good news. If you buy a printer that is compatible with your Chromebook, you won’t need to install anything on your Chromebook as it already contains all the required drivers to print. As Chromebooks usually have less storage space than normal laptops, it is good to avoid overloading your Chromebook’s storage space with unnecessary printing software.

When using a compatible printer, printing with Chromebook is as easy as connecting the printer to your device (or to the Wi-Fi) and clicking “print!” Let’s now take a look at the best printers for Chromebooks in 2021.

Best printers for Chromebooks – for all budgets!

As the price of printers can vary between a few tens of dollars to several thousands, it does not make sense to compare all printers equally. In this article, I will review the best 4 printers  in different price ranges. I will start from the cheapest and move towards the most expensive professional printers compatible with your Chromebook device

Best cheap printer for Chromebook – below $100:

There are a lot of printers that cost less than $100, but only a few of them are compatible with a Chromebook device. After reviewing all the enabled available printers for less than $100, we can say that the winner is the Epson WorkForce WF-2830 All-in-One Printer!

This printer is for sale for just below $80 and is fully compatible with Chromebook print and will also print via Wi-Fi. I would recommend this printer for many more reasons than just being compatible with Chromebook. In fact, the Epson WorkForce WF-2830 All-in-One Printer offers 4-in-1 functionalities, able to print, copy, scan and fax, with wireless functions for just $79.99! Really impressive, right? The user interface is also really user friendly thanks to its 1.4¨ LCD screen. 

With a printing speed of 10.0 ISO ppm for Black printing and 5.50 for color, this printer is also fast for this price range. It is perfect for everyday use, such as printing documents and similar office-related activities. However, if you are planning to print high quality photos, you should increase your budget a bit and buy one of the more expensive printers reviewed later in this article.

Best all-in-one printer – up to $200:

HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e All-in-One Printer

For a budget up to $200, the HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e All-in-One Printer is probably the best printer you can get. It is fully compatible with Chromebook and other Chrome OS powered devices. It offers substantially better quality and higher printing speed than the cheaper alternatives, so if you are looking for a good printer that will last a long time and perform well, the HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e All-in-One Printer is probably the best option for you. This printer can print higher quality and twice as fast than the Epson WorkForce WF-2830 All-in-One Printer! The user interface offered by the 2.7 capacitive touch screen is really intuitive and simple to use. This is very personal, but I really like the design of this printer and I would like to have it visible in my office!

Best all-in-one printer for Chromebook below $500

Did you know that buying a high-range printer could save you money in the long run? It costs a lot of money outright, but it will also save you money when printing. In fact, printing is normally much cheaper with a high-range office printer. Why is this? Well, you can usually refill these printers with ink instead of changing the cartridges every time. This does not only save you up to 90% on printing costs, but it also reduces waste and is therefore better for the environment. We reviewed many printers in this price range and the winner is definitely the EPSON EcoTank ET-4760 All-in-One Cartridge-Free Supertank Printer 

This all-in-one printer, which can also fax and scan, can print really fast – ISO Print Speed of 15 ISO ppm in black and 8.0 ISO ppm in color – and for very little money! Printing costs are as low as 1 cent per color page. Really cheap, right? If you plan to print a lot, I would recommend this printer as the cheapest one for you!

Best high-quality photo printer that work with Chromebook

The printers I just reviewed are all-in-one printers. They are good for everyday and office use, but they have some limitations when it comes to quality. If you print photos with an all-in-one printer, their quality will be quite low. You really do not want to have your wedding photo album printed with an all-in-one printer! The only way to print professional-quality photos from home is to buy a printer designed specifically for this. They can print really high-quality pictures, but they usually print at a lower speed and do not have all the smart functionalities that office printers have. For this reason, there are several photo printers that are not compatible with Chromebook devices.  

The Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 is a fantastic photo printer and it is fully compatible with Chromebook. This printer is not cheap – at around $500 – but it is probably the best printer compatible with Chromebook for photo quality printing. If you want to print amazing photos from your Chromebook, the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 is the way to go!

Tips on how to print from a Chromebook

Hopefully we have helped you find the best printer for your Chromebook so it is now time to learn how to use your new printer with Chromebook. To print with your Chromebook, you just need to click “File” ⇒ “Print”, and then select the printer from the “Destination”. Make sure that the Chromebook and the printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, or the Chromebook will not be able to find the printer. If the printer is not visible in the “Destination” list, then restart it and connect it to the W-iFi network.