Best Photo Editing Services in 2020

Nowadays, the photo editing services are one of the most underrated tools on earth. I know, it sounds overexaggerated, but I really mean it. In fact, with all the cool filters offered by Instagram, Facebook and some other free photo editing services online, we can all feel like professional photographers. Let me tell you something, there must be a reason if there’s someone editing photos for a living!

We’ve already spoken about using Photoshop templates to create flyers, and that’s totally fine on a domestic or semi-professional level. But, when it comes to doing things super professionally, there is no space for improvisation.

If you’d get to talk to a professional photo editor, you’d find out about all the differences between using random photo filters and editing photos “properly”.

Look, I didn’t mean to discourage you. It’s totally fine to edit your own photos for local events or social networks. And on a low level, those filters and templates look really good. My advice is to consider a professional photo editor when working on something official, like your CV photo.

The main services offered by a professional photo editor normally include:

  • Professional photo editing service
  • Fashion photo editing service
  • Wedding photo editing service
  • Photo Manipulation Services
  • Old Photo Retouch & Restoration Services

Importance of photo editing

Why is photo editing so important? Simple: how many times in your life will you go back to having a look at your wedding photos? Lots! So, you want them to be beautiful, and most of all, you want them to be able to capture the emotions and the feelings that were in the air during the ceremony. The photographer is not always able to do so. But your photo editing service will be able to take those raw images and make them shine like diamonds. And the same accounts for say your birthday party pics or your graduation! On a professional level then, things change. On a high scale you really have no space for mistakes and you want only the best. These are some aspects that make photo editing crucial on a professional level:

  • Increases appeal to products;
  • Makes products look nicer and tidier;
  • Gives a touch of accuracy and reliability;
  • Makes things step up to a professional level.

The bullet points above should be clear enough to not need any further explanation. It’s important to keep in mind that this article aims to highlight how crucial photo editing is when it comes to looking and being professional. I’ll never advice to pay an external service for editing Instagram photos, unless done for sponsoring a product on an official profile.

Online photo editing services

If you’ve taken photos at your events, or you’ve hired a photographer and now you have some raw pictures to deal with, we got you covered.

We’re just about to compare some of the most famous online photo editing services on the market. Let’s see what we get.

Professional editing services

Let’s start with some general photo editing services, then we’ll narrow down to analyse more specific stuff.


FixThePhoto is really the best editing service! You just need to give this service a go. Good on every kind of retouch, they bring photos to life.

fix the photo

Prices are affordable, their basic offer is 2$ per image to do light correction, red eye effect removal, face skin smoothening, teeth whitening, etc…. What’s good is that they have five different kinds of offers and you’re able to pick the right one according to the level of corrections needed. So if the Basic editing offer is not enough for you, you can still consider the Pro offer for 5$ per image, the High End offer and the Extra offer for 10$ or the Manipulation & Restoration offer for 25$ per photo. This last offer includes creative and advanced effects, digital drawings restoration and, if needed, a Pin Up style product. All of that explained above comes with a reasonable delivery timing and an incredible high quality of the products.


PhotoFix is a website that offers photo editing services for any kind of photo. It goes from family portraits to birthday parties. It’s a tidy website, that offers a very clear price and the  quality of their products is high.

photo fix

The quality of the job they offer, is perfect for editing large batches of images. They’re also pretty quick when it comes to delivering the final product. PhotoFix is not the cheapest photo editing service on the market. In fact, their prices float around 10$ to 15$ per photo. It means that a large batch of pictures could cost over a thousand dollars. Not ideal if you have a limited budget.


RetouchUp offers lower prices compared to PhotoFix, but applies a huge amount of effects and corrections to your raw files. 

retouch photo

Prices stand around 2.50$ to 10$ per image and their basic service includes the removal of facial shine and whitening of teeth and eyes. On a more complex level, they also add/remove people and remove buildings, cars, etc.. RetouchUp offers a really good service that comes with quick and high quality deliveries at acceptable prices.

Fashion editing services

Above, we’ve presented some generic photo editing services online, now it’s time to narrow down and analyse some more specific websites. In this paragraph we’ll introduce you to a few services that are specifically good for their beauty and fashion retouch. It’s very important to highlight that prices are higher, but the quality of the products is provided for high level magazines, websites and everything fashion related.


HighEndBeautyRetouching is a professional photo editor that provides top-notch quality photo editing. If you have a limited budget, you want to stay far away from this website. But, if you’re looking for something great that could fit on a top-level fashion magazine, this is the spot. 


They have four different editing levels and, in fairness, their cheapest option is only on a 10$ per image price. Which is not bad. But we must highlight the Ultra Magazine offer: 150$ per picture. This is top-notch. The best from any point of view. Super detailed work, perfect for Magazine covers and high-quality ads. If you have the budget, this has to be your service.


Nuderetouching, another great editing service. Probably the best considering the quality of the job and the price.

retouching photos

There are three different options available. From a standard job for 5$ per image, to a Complete+ job, out for 15$. Nothing more to add, but saying that prices are the best on the market for this kind of service. Nothing comparable has been found around.

Wedding photo editing service

Let’s move now to another very specific field. Here a couple of wedding photo editing services.


Wedding-retouching is a photo editing service that specifically works for weddings. 

The great aspect of this service is that they offer package offers. So, for example, the Wedding Light package includes Color correction up to 700 images per wedding and costs only 99$ per wedding. Wedding Pro package costs 159$ per wedding and consists in Color correction up to 700 images per wedding, Simple edit up to 20 images and Advance edit up to 5 images. It’s also possible to add more services to the single images such as simple editing, color correction or advanced editing. Overall, great service for weddings and really good prices. To be considered. is another great editing service for weddings. 

Prices are the same as Wedding-retouching, as well as the offers. Products are high quality and delivered in a very short time. You’ll be able to add some extra work to the packages offered. So, you could decide to add an extra level of editing per image, which costs 10$, or you could just take it easy and apply small changes, from 0.05%, up to 5$. This service has to be considered, as it is a great opportunity to obtain great shots from an average starting point of the picture. Definitely a great alternative to Wedding-retouching.

Outsourcing photo editing

Remember, it’s not a shame to ask someone else to take care of your pictures, whether you are a professional photographer or you simply need to fix photos that were taken by someone else. Out there you can find dozens of great photo editing services and there’s nothing wrong in asking professionals to edit your pictures for you. Mostly, of course, if you need those photos for professional ends. But outsourcing photo editing is not only that. Even if you are a professional and you know how to do it, delegating to someone else will make you save hours. The best tip we can give you is: find the perfect photo editing service that will satisfy all your needs, and delegate!

The Verdict

All the websites shown above present pros and cons. Perfection doesn’t exist, but you can compare all those services and find the one that better suits your needs. Some of those websites collaborate with famous artists and magazines: that’s a hint of quality. Try yourself, give them a go and make sure they satisfy your standards!