Best Online Writing Jobs in 2020

If you’re looking for online writing jobs, it means that you’ve already considered all the pros and cons related to working from home. At this stage, let’s just go straight to the point and see which are the best opportunities and how to get them.

Freelance writing jobs online

If you’ve already worked as a freelancer, you probably have already experienced the difficulties hidden behind the freelancing world. The good thing is that nowadays we can find everything online and new opportunities come up every single day. If you’re not new to the writing world, I’m sure you already have some good samples of articles under your name to show, to demonstrate your abilities and strengths… so, the next step is finding some paid online writing jobs, are you ready?

Where to find freelance writing jobs online

Entry level writing jobs online

Platforms like UpWork offer paid online writing jobs to freelancers. On UpWork you’ll find a list of Ads, just pick those that suits you the best and apply as a freelancer. Once your reputation will be built up and you’ll have some kind of authority and reliability in the website, it won’t be tough to find essays to write or articles to translate, so there you’ll have your job as a freelancer!

UpWork is a reliable website, but there are lots of alternatives out there, you just need to open your search engine and look for them!

Online writing jobs for beginners

Entry level freelancer writing an article

Looking for online writing jobs but no experience? If you are a beginner, I’d assume you have nothing already published to show as a portfolio. So, first step, just pick a topic and write. Do it for yourself. Just, do it. Do the best you can and try to run your own blog or website, which might sound like the biggest thing in the world, but nowadays with services like Blogger and WordPress you’re just a few clicks from your own ‘thing’. Keep in mind that writing online also means using a SEO friendly language. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the action of improving the quality of a piece of content to obtain better organic search engine results.

Opportunities for starters

When you have your own portfolio to show (and an optimized CV), that should demonstrate your strengths and abilities, you’re good to go! Finding paid online writing jobs won’t be difficult at all! Well, of course it also depends on what you’re looking for, but as a first paid job you might want to take it easy and search for something a little bit chilled. My personal opinion, which is also the way I started, is to work as a translator. To do so, you need to be fluent in a second language, which might not be the case. If not, just look for small commitments like jobs without tight schedule and if possible avoid big loads of work at the very beginning!

In Conclusion

There we go, all you needed to know is there. Just be honest with yourself and make sure to rate your abilities and your level of writing in a fair way. Do not overestimate yourself, it’s always better to start from a lower step and then quickly escalate, than the opposite.

Believe in yourself and don’t lose your hopes if it will take a while to take off. Your time will come!