Best Guitar Accessories: Custom Leather Guitar Straps and Much More

Playing music is a combination of talent, style and elegance. This article will introduce you to a new world, made out of cool guitar accessories. We’re about to show you some of the best guitar accessories, including custom leather guitar straps, guitar skins and much more!

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The Importance of Guitar Straps

Guitar Straps are one of the most underrated accessories for your guitar. Beginners tend to pick the cheapest or coolest ones. This couldn’t be more wrong. If you are planning to stand while playing guitar, you must spend some time picking the right guitar strap. In fact, guitar straps have a massive effect on your posture during performances. That can cause pain or issues hitting some notes on the guitar. You want to spend some time choosing the right items that will neither make you broke, nor will cause conflicts with your playing technique. Remember, a good guitar strap takes the weight off of your shoulders, so you can focus on your music. Also, the guitar strap will be in contact with your body all the time. Make sure to pick a comfortable one!

If you really don’t know how to pick a good guitar strap for your instrument, don’t worry. Sit down and relax. We’re doing the job for you. You’ll only need to choose between one of the models below!

Plain Guitar Straps

Ernie Ball Black Polypro Guitar Strap

Polypro custom guitar straps

Buying plain guitar straps gives you the opportunity to personalise the object yourself and to give it authenticity. For example, if you’re a punk rocker, you might want to consider something very neutral and plain, like this Ernie Ball Black Polypro Guitar Strap. This would be perfect to be covered with badges.


  • Adjustable 36″ to 68″
  • Tough 2″ wide Polypropylene webbing (colors will not bleed, will not stretch)
  • Real leather ends

This is probably the effect that you would like to obtain.

Ernie custom guitar straps

Vintage Guitar Straps

Many guitar players love Vintage Guitar Straps. When we talk about vintage, we generally mean old school. In this case, the straps don’t necessarily have to be old, but they can be old looking.

If you’re a guitar player you’d certainly know that David Gilmour, ex Pink Floyd, uses original Jimi Hendrix guitar straps that he got during an auction years ago. I know… that might be a bit expensive and rare to find. In fact, we’re not suggesting you buy pieces from the history of rock n’ roll. You should probably consider something similar, but new, that would enhance the comfort and class of your instrument when you are playing it.

Ernie Ball Vintage Weave Jacquard (Vintage Guitar Straps)

vintage guitar straps Weave Jacquard

Ernie Ball Vintage Weave Jacquard is a Vintage strap produced by Ernie Ball. This strap will give your guitar some of the flavour of Sixties. Comfortable and very solid, it would look perfectly on a Stratocaster model. Your guitar will look like one of those used in 1969 at Woodstock.


  • Utilizes the world’s #1 selling nylon strap
  • Adjustable from 38″ to 68″
  • Stylish Design
  • Real leather ends

Fender 2 Vintage Tweed Strap

Fender 2 Vintage Tweed Strap Vintage guitar straps

Fender 2 Vintage Tweed Strap is a classic and fairly cheap Guitar Strap branded Fender. This strap is very comfortable and will hold your guitar perfectly, giving you the great opportunity to focus on the notes that you play. This strap will lead you to your best solo, enhancing your posture and balance with the instrument.


  • Crafted from polyester webbing with spandex for elasticity
  • Classic tweed aesthetic imparts a vintage-style vibe
  • “F” logo cone-shaped leather ends
  • 2” wide
  • Adjustable from 44″ to 52.5″
  • Made in Canada

KLIQ Vintage Woven Guitar Strap (vintage guitar straps)

Fender 2 Vintage Tweed Strap Vintage guitar straps

KLIQ Vintage Woven Guitar Strap is a vintage strap produced by Kliq Music Gear. This series of straps is very “Sixties” and it’s made with great attention to detail. The look is great and this strap feels really nice to the touch. It is very comfortable and thick enough to hold the guitar without slipping off.

Custom Guitar Straps

If playing guitar is a matter of style, then cool custom guitar straps are the first thing you’re going to need to show off your class. Straps are supposed to be cool and comfortable and they usually mirror the personality of the guitar player. In fact, you’d expect punk rockers to use black straps with badges on them, and bluesmen to use custom leather guitar straps.

If you think that Vintage Guitar Straps are not your thing, don’t you worry. Not everyone likes vintage and not every guitar looks good with vintage straps. You can consider getting personalized guitar straps.

Custom Leather Guitar Straps

Leather Guitar Straps are comfy and classy. Leather is probably the most popular material for guitar straps. Leather straps last for a long time and become prettier and comfier the more you use them. Whether you’re a jazz player or a rock n’ roller, Custom Leather Guitar Straps will do the job.

Etsy Guitar Strap (custom Leather Guitar Straps)

Custom Leather Guitar Straps

When it comes to Custom Leather Guitar Straps, Etsy is the shop to check. Etsy is an online shop, famous all over the world for their homemade and vintage products. Etsy’s products are always top quality and a representation of the great job that these producers have done to enhance their production.

On Etsy you can personalize the strap with your favourite Musician’s Name on the front. These straps are homemade and completely customisable to obtain unique results. The coolest thing about a strap like this is that it only gets more beautiful with time.

What are Guitar Pedals?

guitar pedal

If you play electric guitar, you’re probably familiar with pedals. If you’re not, don’t you worry… it’s not difficult! Guitar pedals are tools that give you the opportunity to apply effects to the sound of your guitar. Guitar pedals are very useful to personalise the sound that comes out of your Guitar Amp. The main guitar pedals are distortion, overdrive, chorus, delay and wah-wah.

Some Guitar Pedals, mainly on a high level, can be very expensive. But, there’s a way to buy some of those for a cheap price. How? Easy… you simply have to buy Guitar Pedal Kits!

Guitar Pedal Kits

Guitar Pedal Kits are boxes that contain all the elements needed to build a pedal yourself. This way you’ll purchase all components and put together the device following the instructions on the box.

guitar pedal kits

I know, thinking about it might sound silly. Why spend time buying a box full of gears when you could get the entire pedal? Well, give it a go! You’ll notice that working on a pedal, not only brings good fun, but it’s also not complicated at all. It just takes time and patience. And of course, you’ll save money!

You can find any kind of pedal effect on the market. The price of pedals can vary according to the quality of the product. Here are some really nice and easy-to-build options!

Overdrive Effects Pedal Kit The Thunderdrive

Custom Leather Guitar Straps

This is the kit to build an Overdrive pedal. For those not familiar with Guitar effects, Overdrive is a light distortion. A good Overdrive pedal creates a grungy effect, without affecting the quality of the sound overall. The Thunderdrive is a nice pedal, ideal as a starter point if you’re not familiar with Guitar Pedal Kits.

This is a very straightforward entry-level kit. The instructions are very clear and simple. The only requirements needed to work on this is a basic ability to solder.

Once the pedal is built, the sound is very nicely boosted. The best use of this guitar effect is on top of other effects to create a very dynamic distortion of the sound.

Mod Kits DIY The Persuader Tube Drive

Mod Kits DIY The Persuader Tube Drive

The Persuader is a Warm tube overdrive. Beginners might find this project a bit difficult, however the instructions are easy to follow. If you’re new to soldering, you should do some practice on other cheaper models before trying this one.

Once the pedal is built, you’ll have a really nice Tube Overdrive in your hands. These kinds of pedals can be very expensive, so you’ll be happy to own one of those for such a small amount of money. The Persuader, in fact, is a versatile pedal that works great as a turbo boost for fuzz and light distortion. Once it’ll become part of your rig, you’ll never get rid of it!

ModKitsDIY The Trill Tremolo Effects Pedal Kit

The trill tremolo

The Trill Tremolo is a nice entry level kit. Beginners will love this pedal. Building it is very simple and the results will satisfy the guitar player. In fact, the tremolo effect is very accurate and clean. The two knobs on the pedal allow you to change speed and depth of the sound, to customise it properly. Tremolo has a very peculiar effect. Sometimes, it might be confused with the delay, but this is a little different. To give you a clear example, tremolo is the effect that makes the intro of Boulevard of Broken Dreams so unique.

Guitar Picks

Guitar picks

The pick is a key element for most guitar players. Whether you play an acoustic guitar or an electric one, you might have your favourite pick in terms of shape, material and thickness. The most common picks are made of plastic and they usually are very thin. However, you can also find picks made of stone or wood. In case you’ve never played with one of those, you better practice a bit before judging, as after some time spent playing, you might find them surprisingly comfortable.

As we’ve just said, picks are very important for guitar players. There are many services that allow you to personalise your picks.

Custom Printed Guitar Picks

Custom Printed Guitar Picks produces picks made of different materials. We get to choose between Celluloid Picks, Delrinex Picks and G-Poly Picks. Different colours and shapes are also available. You could also make picks that glow in the dark and etched picks. All you have to do is to upload your front and back artworks and wait until the box arrives at your place!

These picks are top-notch. Great for playing and very well produced. If you need new Custom Printed Guitar Picks, check out today!

Guitar Skins

Custom Printed Guitar Picks

Guitar Skins are a great solution to customise your guitar. In fact, they make any model of guitar unique and surprisingly outstanding. Guitar skins are plastic films with the shape of the body of a guitar. You can apply them on your instrument simply following the tips that the producer gives to you. On Skin Your Skunk you can find very cool Guitar Skins. They have options for every style of player and every model of guitar and their prices are fairly cheap. If you’re looking for a nice way to make your guitar outstanding and very unique, this is a good opportunity!


Above, we’ve seen some of the coolest and most useful accessories for guitar that you could possibly wish to find on the market. Vintage guitar straps, custom guitar straps, custom leather guitar straps and guitar pedal kits are just a few of the products that we’ve reviewed above.

All these accessories were tested by our experts that wrote this article to help you pick the right services and products. Make sure to follow our guidelines to purchase those accessories that will better satisfy your needs.

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