Top 7 Free Online Guitar Tuner in 2020

Are there any guitar players out there? We’re about to present the best free online guitar tuner for the microphone of your phone! Yes, you got it right! We’re talking about tuning your guitar, simply using your computer or mobile device. 

If you don’t play any instruments, you probably won’t be able to understand the hassle of bringing a small tool with you at all times, simply for tuning your guitar, bass, ukulele, violin,…. Finally, it’s time to stop! The following paragraphs will open up a new universe to you. A universe where you won’t carry around a guitar tuner anymore! Enjoy and… you’re welcome!

How does an Online Guitar Tuner work?

Online guitar tuners are very simple. In the next few paragraphs we’ll review a few of them for you. But first, let’s try to understand how they work. In case you are are still learning how to play the guitar, you can also take a look at our article to speed up your learning!

To use an online guitar tuner properly, you have to make sure to be in a quiet place, or ask the people around you to take a break while you prepare your instrument. Shouldn’t be an issue, at the end of the day you’re getting ready to entertain!

In most cases these tuners allow you to tune your instrument manually or to use the mic of your phone. 

Let’s assume you do it using the microphone, which is the most convenient way. Once you’re sure that the microphone of your phone is not going to detect other sounds but the one of your guitar, it’s time to start. String by string, tune your guitar following the indications on screen. It might take a while, but then… you’re good to go!

Free Online Guitar Tuners

Let’s go through some of the main online guitar tuners that we can find online. They all are free, with some expansions to buy online if you’re interested. It’s good to compare some of these apps and websites to pick the one that offers all the features that better suits our needs.

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Fender Free Online Guitar Tuner

Fender, the great guitar brand, offers a free online guitar tuner on their website. It’s a manual tuner, that doesn’t use the microphone. 

acoustic guitar tuner

On the page you can pick between different types of instruments: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass and ukulele. Then, you get to select the tuning you want for your guitar, which could be half step down, Drop D, open C…. At this point you can hit the “virtual” strings and hear the sound that you’re supposed to mirror on your real instrument. At the bottom of the page there are a couple of videos that explain how to tune a guitar and reveal some precious tips. That might not be needed, but they present a really nice asset for beginners.

Fender Tune™ App

online tuner microphone

On Fender’s website, they also invite guitar players that are looking for an online tuner to download their Fender Tune™ App. It’s an app that’s very well done. Free, simple, with limited functions, but tidy and easy to use. Specifically, they offer a guitar tuner connected to the microphone of your phone. This is a great feature, because the sound of your guitar gets detected by the app and on the screen of your phone, a signal will appear telling you if the string is too flat or too sharp. The app, like the website, also offers the opportunity to decide what instrument to tune, between acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass and ukulele and to pick the desired type of tuning. Just like the website, there app also offers a manual tuning service that you can use to hear the sound of the note that you should then refer to when tuning your guitar. The app also contains a “Pro Tuner” section. Here, it’s possible to buy some new interesting features for the app separately. The main two that I’d like to highlight are Chords for Guitar and Scales for Guitar. They are both out for 2.19 and contain uncountable chords and scales that you might want to learn at some point in your career.


online acoustic guitar tuner microphone

Famous app. Very well known by guitar players. GuitarTuna offers many more features for free than those found on the Fender’s app. In fact, on GuitarTuna we find a nice metronome and a Chord Library, dedicated to simple chords. For free. The tuner works very well and is very sensitive and precise. As for the Fender’s app, we can pick between different tuning styles and instruments. GuitarTuna also offers games for beginners. The amount of features of the app is so big that you might lose your primary focus, which is tuning the guitar! But this is a sweet bad aspect of it! GuitarTuna is a very nice and simple app, maybe a bit too stuffed for mid-high level guitar players, but certainly interesting and useful for beginners. Overall, it’s tidy and simple to use. Might be worth it to give it a go!

Guitar and Violin Tuner

guitar tuner

Guitar and Violin Tuner is a pure tuner. This app is very precise and allows you to tune different instruments, such as guitar, bass, viola, banjo, violin, ukulele and cello. A big amount of tuning styles is also available. With this app you’ll also be able to tune your instrument manually. Guitar and Violin Tuner is the perfect app for tuning. Straight to the point without being overstuffed with features and functionalities.


Same old story. gStrings is another nice app with a good interface and graphics. Some ads make it a little bit cheesy, but we can deal with them. The app offers the usual main features, nothing more. You can tune your instrument manually or using the microphone of your phone. Overall a good tuner for guitar.

free guitar tuner is a tuner that you can use to tune your instrument, whether you’re playing an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, a bass guitar or a ukulele. The greatest aspect of is that you don’t need to download and install any apps. In fact, you simply need to click on the link and open their website. When it comes to tune your instrument, allows you to tune by ear, or using the microphone of your computer. However, this second option is only available on Safari, Firefox and Chrome Desktop (make sure to allow the website to use your microphone).

Using this tuner is very simple.In fact, you only need to hit the string you’re about to tune while the “Detect String” mode is set to on. Guitar-Tuner.or will guide you to obtain a very accurate sound of the string. is a great and simple tool that will give you a great hand when practicing at home. Give it a try and make sure to bookmark the page!

Universal Tuner

universal tuner

Universal Tuner is a really good guitar tuner that uses the microphone of your phone. The app works very well and is simple and to the point. Universal Tuner also offers a big amount of tuning options, transposition and frequency. Like for all the other tuners, the manual mode is also available. Overall it seems to be a good product, and in fact it is. But… the interface. On a functional level, this app is really good but unfortunately, it just doesn’t look good at all.

It’s all white, with some yellow buttons. Not the greatest appeal in the world, I know. Let me just highlight once again. Do not be superficial and test Universal Tuner before judging it. It might not look great, but definitely works quite well.

The Verdict

The tuners presented above are all very useful and well projected. In terms of precision, they all do a good job.

The online guitar tuner that uses the microphone of your phone is a great solution for playing guitar on the beach or at the park with friends. It works amazingly and as we’ve already seen above, there are many options according to your skills level on the guitar.

The apps presented above also offer different other services, such as games, chords and scale library and so forth. It’s just a matter of finding the one that best satisfies your needs and crack on.

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Good luck for your future in music!