Best FREE logo design services online

There are many logo design services online, but some of them might be very low quality or not suitable for your needs. For this reason, we’re just about to show you only the best logo design services you can find online.

I know, you’ve always wondered how to create a logo that looks professional and cool at the same time. Don’t you worry, we got you covered, also if your question is how much to design a logo?

When you start your podcast, you work on your YouTube Channel or you’re writing a book, you might need a logo that represents your new business. There we go. Creating a logo from scratch could be a real nightmare and it’s worst when you think you have a great idea, but at the end of the day it comes out being just a ridiculous thought.

For this reason, it’s always better to let the experts do their job. Even if these experts happen to be automatic logo generators.

The websites that we’re about to present offer automatically generated logo design packages.

I know, it might sound a bit cheesy, but trust me, these logo design services are really good and will create the perfect logo for your business.

Best free logo makers online

The answer to ¨how much to design a logo?¨ is clear: $0. Let´s go through the Best free logo makers online to see what the options are

FREELOGOSERVICES.COM logo design packages

free logo services is a logo design packages website made for the creation of logos. It also offers the opportunity of designing your own business cards, which is a nice extra. But, let’s stick to the main feature of the website for a moment.

Making your own logo with is very simple. In fact, this service guides you through the creative process step by step.

Firstly, you are asked to digit some insights of your business, such as Name, Tagline and the type of logo you are looking for (Ex. Car, Bakery, Salon).

Then, you get to pick up to three logo styles between some suggested by the website. At the third step, some fonts are shown to you and you have to choose up to three different fonts. The algorithm is learning your tastes in order to better satisfy your needs.

At the next step, you have some logo opportunities to pick on your screen. At the final stage you are able to choose between different layouts and edit colours and text on a proper editor sheet.

The service offered by is remarkable and quick. Definitely to be considered.

NAMECHEAP logo design services

logo design packages: Namecheap

Namecheap is a crossover website mainly focused on the domain selling market. They also offer other services, such as boosting your site speed and designing business cards. Today, though, we’re here for another reason. Let’s have a look at Namecheap free logo maker.

When we open their logo maker section, we immediately notice their tagline: “Create beautiful logos in minutes”. These guys are giving out hopes for free, let’s see if they are able to live up to their their promise!

After clicking on “Create your logo”, we are asked to digit the Company’s Name and optionally the Type of Business. Then, we get to choose a style of text, picking up to six different fonts.

At the next step, we are supposed to choose the colours of our business, assuming that we have some. If not, let’s just use our imagination, we’ll be able to change them later (just in case we’ll end up hating them!).

Then, we are asked to insert our slogan, if we have it, and pick our favourite icons between those suggested by Namecheap.

And, we’re done! At the final stage we get to choose between some automatically created logos. Don’t worry, we are able to edit colours, text, icon and layouts using a simple editor, at the end of the process.

Good website, simple, smooth and quick. As they claim, on Naecheap, you can “Create beautiful logos in minutes”.

GRAPHICSPRINGS logo design services

graphic springs

GraphicSprings is a logo creator website. Be aware that you can generate your logo for free on this website, but then you have to pay $19.99 to download the high-resolution logo file.

After this introduction, let’s try to find out the quality of this tool.

The button on the homepage says “Create a logo in 1 min or less”. Our expectations are pretty high now.

Surprisingly, you only need to insert your business name and tagline, and you’re then ready to choose between the hundreds of available logos. After generating the logo, you are allowed to edit it as you prefer, using some of the uncountable images and shapes offered by GraphicSprings.

GraphicSprings is a valuable tool, very useful for generating logos for gadgets such as pens, t-shirts and mugs. The quality is high, but the fact that you have to pay to download the high-quality version of your product, brings it a step underneath the others. Definitely valuable if you’re considering to produce some merchandising.

TAILOR BRANDS logo design services

logo design packages: tailor brands

Tailor Brands is a website mainly aimed at creating new brands. They claim that “It All Starts with a logo”. Let’s see how the logo maker works. After digiting the name of your company, you are required to enter your industry (e.g. Coffee Shop).

Then, you get to choose the logo type between a few samples. At the next step you have to decide on the style that would suit you better. And, there we go… your logo is there, ready to go. A free editor will let you fix some small details before exporting your creation and using it on all your products. Tailor Brands is an interesting, fresh and simple website that generates high-quality logos.


logo design packages: canava

Canva is a famous and massive design service that offers any kind of template. On Canva we can design posters, slides, flyers, cards, infographics and many more.

Let’s not lose our focus. Logo Editor: after a quick look we immediately notice the high quality of the service. In fact, we can spot an incredible number of templates organised by categories in order to make the research easy and smooth.

Canva also offers photos, a good bunch of them for free, to use in your design. You can also use graphic elements such as icons and emojis.

Choosing the font to use for your logo is supposed to be complicated, but not here. In fact, Canva shows you all the best combinations of fonts to use, making your job the easiest. Some nice backgrounds are also offered. And, last but not least, the opportunity of uploading your personal files, to include in your design.

Canva offers a great amount of choice in terms of elements and graphics to include in your design. The logo design packages obtained on Canva look very professional, and the editing process is always very smooth and simple. Great place to produce your logo.

Small SEO Tools Logo Maker

The logo maker is a free online service that allows you to design logos for your company or brand just in a few minutes. This logo maker tool by SmallSEOTools contains hundreds of templates in different categories that cover the needs of a wide range of businesses. It’s an easy to use tool that doesn’t ask the user to learn special designing skills.

By doing a little or no alterations to the pre-made templates offered on this tool, you can get your hands on an eye-catching logo design. You don’t have to install any software or plugin for using this logo maker tool as it’s a web-based service. It can be accessed from anywhere around the globe. You can pick a logo that best fits your needs from 3D logos, doodle, photography, agriculture, barber, art, and many other categories. 

Tip: do you need to print your logo? Consider doing it from Aliexpress!

Looka Logo Maker

Looka Logo Maker is another amazing free logo maker online. Looka Logo Maker allows you to create logos in three steps. The first step is to type the text you want in your logo and select the logo style you prefer. The second step is to choose your favorite logo from a long list of customized logos based on the style you selected in step 1. The third step is to fine tune your logo and personalize it according to your preference.

Once you created your logo, Looka Logo Maker offers the the possibility of creating a preview of your logo on business cards, t-shirts and more. This function is quite unique and allows you to really fine tune your logo based on the preview.

The Verdict on logo design packages

All the logo design services presented above offer top-quality products. Some of them might be suitable for different kinds of businesses, but overall those are definitely some of the best logo design services on the market.

Make sure to test them all before picking the one that will better suit your needs. Be aware that the quality of your logo mirrors the greatness of your business, so, don’t underrate the importance of having a nice distinctive symbol to represent your company. Make sure to create your best unique logo!

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