Best Slidesgo free Google Slides Templates and Themes

Google slides only became popular years after Microsoft PowerPoint. For this reason, finding good free Google Slides themes and templates is not as easy as for PowerPoint. This article will compare the best websites offering free Google Slides themes and gives you the best tips on how to use them.

What is Google Slides

Google Slides was introduced as part of the Google productivity Suite in 2006. This suite offers a free alternative to all Microsoft Office products. Google Slides is the free Google alternative to PowerPoint. From a first impression, Google Slides might look less professional than PowerPoint. However, you can produce work of the same level as PowerPoint by using Google Slides.

Another interesting feature of Google Slides is that multiple people can work on the same document simultaneously. For this reason, Google Slides is the perfect tool to work in teams. If you are dreaming of getting a remote job, keep this in mind!

Best websites to download free Google Slides themes

If you are preparing for a presentation, choosing the right free Google Slide theme is essential in making a good impression.

Where to start from

As I always suggest, before looking for new themes or templates, check what your organization has to offer. If your employer or University is using Google Slides, it probably also offers free Google Slides templates. 

Remember, if your organization has standard templates, just stick to them. In my experience, employers value standardization a lot. If any employee uses his/her own template, combining slides and archiving them will be a mess.


free slidesgo

When looking for the best free Google Slides template, the first website I would recommend is SlidesGo offers many cool Google Slides themes, for free!

What i like about this website is the fact that you can download Google Slides themes without having to register. 

It is enough to open the website and select the category you are interested in to see all available templates.

After selecting the category you want, you will have a very long list of cool Google Slides themes to explore. Are you wondering which of these free Google Slides themes you should use for a specific situation? No worries, I will get there after going through the list of best websites to find free Google Slides templates. 

Free Google Slides templates from Google 

Yes, Google Slides also offers free templates for your slides. Although it offers less options than PowerPoint, it is still worth it to take a look at them.  

How to find the free templates offered by Google? Very easy, just open the main page of Google Slides and click Template gallery.

This will open the gallery of free Google Slides templates. The templates are divided by category. Just scroll down to see what the options are. 

Are the templates in a different language than the one you need? The reason is that Google automatically shows templates in the language your Google (Gmail) account is set. Just use an account in the language you need or change the language to fix the issue.

Slides Carnival

Slidescarnival is another website to find cool Google Slides themes. As in the previous cases, the website offers slides for any purpose, from Business to Informal events. A great feature of this website is the possibility of filtering slides by colour. So if your company or school has a specific colour theme, you can easily filter out themes that do not fit.

How to select the best Google Slide themes

Now you know the best websites to find cool Google Slides templates. However, selecting the best Google Slides template from the enormous amount of options is not that easy. Fortunately, we are here to help you! I will first explain you what makes a good theme, and then give you some suggestions on which are my favourite free Google Slide themes for different situations.

Tip: Make sure to have a great logo for your slides!

Best free Google Slides themes for business 

What makes a template a good theme for business? The most important feature of good free Google Slide themes, is to look professional. No smileys or unprofessional fonts (check out our guide on how to select the best fonts). 

It is very important to choose a theme that fits your presentation. For example, some themes have very stylish graph colours. If you need to show numbers, I would strongly recommend themes with good looking graphs!

As I previously explained, remember to choose a theme with colours similar to your company’s colours! The websites we recommended above have chosen a different approach for filtering their templates.

 Slidego offers specific business templates for each sector. For example, if you are looking for real estate presentation you can just download the real estate theme.

Slides Carnival offers more general templates. Personally I really like the idea of choosing a general template and adding my own images. This make the content more personalized and looks even more professional!

My favourite business theme from Slides Carnival is the macmorris free presentation theme. This is a really simple and powerful theme. My favourite feature of this theme is that you can freely change the colour of the theme. This means that you can select the colours of your company, isn’t it great?

Best free Google Slides templates for informal presentations

A good template for informal slides should keep the reader’s attention without looking too serious. For informal presentations, I recommend to search the websites I indicated above for templates that represent your topics. If you are for example organizing a food event, look for some a template with food. For informal presentations, I will not recommend one exact template as it is better to choose something more specific for your slides.

How to use a Google Slides theme 

Now that you know how to choose the best Google Slides themes, let’s see how to use them.

Using a theme or template is very easy. After selecting a free Google Slides template, you just need to click make a copy, save it in your folder and fill in your content. Isn’t it easy? 

Looking for more tips and tricks on how to make good slides? Take a look at our article on how to make the best roadmap Slides.