Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office for Mac

Do you know? Industries require talented, well-informed tech guys who can work fast to meet  the daily schedules of competitive markets. Moreover, universities assume their students also  know some basic software apps to do assignments and presentations. Therefore, learning  Microsoft Office has become a requirement for study and basic jobs.  

Microsoft Office for Mac, or Office 365, is a complete suite of multiple apps that can save your  time and money. 

MS Word comes with the power to express anything in the most futuristic and compelling style.  It has various features that empower writers, and they feel at ease.  

You can organize, process, and analyze data using MS Excel. Also, Excel has 3D visual features  that can forecast your data in no time.  

If you want to present your ideas or business details to hundreds of people or want to show people about the topic you have just researched, MS PowerPoint is the most efficient tool for  your presentations. 

Microsoft Office for Mac Free Alternatives 

Microsoft Office for Mac is the best application software that has plenty of useful applications  that help in day-to-day working. Microsoft Office for Mac offers a highly interactive user  interface. Statistically, 1.2 billion people benefit from using MS Office.  

There are many suites—the bundle of useful applications separately designed for particular  customers—of MS Office, such as university, corporation, home, and student-based suites is  available for download.  

As you know, there is no free lunch. Microsoft charges a disproportionate amount on Office. You  can buy a one-time Microsoft Office that will update over time. Microsoft Office 365 is a  subscription-based suite.  

If you are a grown-up and left behind the primitive mindset of using only Microsoft Office for  Mac for editing documents, then Microsoft Office for Mac free alternatives are the best option  for you. They come with similar options along with strong editing features to Microsoft Office.  

There are many Microsoft Office for Mac Free alternatives in the market. They also meet the  demands of the market. However, the reliable software is Microsoft Office as it is backed by Cloud Servers.  

Free Microsoft Office Alternatives  

Some Microsoft Office for Mac free alternatives are online too, for instance, Google Suite.  However, other free alternatives to Microsoft Office are only available for installation. It is up to  you to choose which one suits your needs.  

Open-source office alternatives also receive updates from worldwide developers. Some  Microsoft Office for Mac free alternatives have left behind the original Microsoft Office for Mac.  They receive exceptional, market-oriented updates and are more user-friendly than Microsoft  Office.  

Moreover, these office alternatives smoothly run on Mac with zero cost. You can type and share  files in office format without people knowing you have used some other software. Similarly,  Microsoft Office for Mac free alternatives have been increasingly famous over time.  

One important reason behind Microsoft Office alternatives is they are completely free. You can  enjoy writing, analyzing data, creating, and designing presentations for free of cost. We will  recommend these Microsoft Office for Mac free alternatives.  

Why do these alternatives outperform others? 

OpenOffice Mac and LibreOffice are the two best Microsoft Office for Mac free alternatives  because:

• OpenOffice Mac and LibreOffice offer similar features to their users. Most importantly,  these features are easy-to-use and free of cost.  

• Another important concern for choosing among other Microsoft Office for Mac free alternatives is from the sharing point of view. You can share files with no underlying issues  with other Microsoft Office users using OpenOffice Mac and LibreOffice.  

• Open Source software is easily available to end-users worldwide. Therefore, they get  regular updates.  

1. OpenOffice 

Is there any Free MS Office Alternative for Mac? Yeah! OpenOffice Mac is one of the best  Microsoft Office for Mac free alternatives. It is 100% free to use. 

It comes with the most similar features to Microsoft Office, but the best feature is its zero cost.  OpenOffice Mac is open-source document-generating software. Though its interface is not  polished and well-established as Microsoft Office, it performs similar tasks. Its new features come  from volunteer developers around the world supporting a generous cause to make sure free-of cost software is available for all. 

OpenOffice Mac is the result of twenty years of software engineering. Hundreds of developers  around the world have participated in its development to make it similar to Microsoft Office and available to everyone at zero cost. It has a potential market capture over other free software due  to its competitive user-friendly features.  

Another major reason that makes it the best software is its open development process. This  process enables it to be market-competitive. Users around the world can report bugs or request  new changes in the software according to their needs, or developers can enhance the software. 

OpenOffice Mac can read files from Microsoft Office and also save them in the same format.  You can avail this Microsoft Office free alternative in your language and learn it easily.  

2. LibreOffice 

LibreOffice is another best Microsoft Office for Mac free alternative. LibreOffice is the most  successful evolution of open-source software.  

You can use LibreOffice freely on your Mac with no prior training. Yeah! It is easy to use LibreOffice worldwide. If you were familiar with Microsoft Office, then it would be an easy go for you.  But if you are new to it, still, you can use LibreOffice as it is the most easy-to-use software. 

LibreOffice is a top dog in the Microsoft Office for Mac free alternatives’ race. LibreOffice proved  to always nip at Microsoft Office’s heels.  

LibreOffice claims to be one of the “friendliest and fastest-growing projects” in the free open  source world. Also, they claim to be culturally inclusive, where new ideas for development are  equally encouraged and implemented.  

LibreOffice supports files in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher formats. However,  being the free open-source software, it goes further to support standard Open Document  Format.  

LibreOffice works best as an offline office suite. Importantly, you should not expect high standard customer support from LibreOffice as other commercial software provides. But they  encourage young talent to come up with new ideas to include features in further updates.  


Microsoft Office charges monthly or annually, depending on the package. You get a complete  suite with wonderful productive applications that are used worldwide. Sometimes, you are fed  up paying a hefty amount to these software applications. Here comes the Microsoft Office for  Mac free alternatives option. 

All you need is to stop paying for Microsoft Office anymore and enter into the world of free open source software. Complete freedom from worrying about monthly payments! 

OpenOffice Mac and LibreOffice are the best free alternatives for Microsoft Office. All you need  is to change your mind about using paid services. These free services are also good, but  sometimes you may feel them underpowered. However, OpenOffice Mac and LibreOffice claim  to be improving with time.