Best Family and Christmas Word Art

Is Christmas getting close? Or maybe you have some other family event in the coming days? Using a Family Word Art (or a Christmas Word Art if it is that time of the year) is a great way to make family events feel special. In this article I will explain how to create, print and use great family and Christmas Word Arts.

Why you should Word Arts for Christmas and family events

Word Art is an amazing functionality that Microsoft introduced decades ago as part of Microsoft Word. Word Art is designed to create colourful text for special occasions. Although you could use many other programs (like Photoshop) to create beautiful text, Word Art surely is the easiest option to create beautiful text for your events. 

How to create your own family Word Art (for creative people)

Creating family and Christmas WordArt is not that different from creating Word Art for any other reason. There are several ways to do this but my favourite (free) ways are using an online Word Art creator or to create Word Art in Google Docs. If you are creative and handy with computers, I would recommend a two step approach to create Family or Christmas Word Art.

The first step is to take a look at some good examples of family Word Art io Pinterest to get inspired. Choose a style you like and get ready to create your own Word Art based on that style

The second step is to create your own family Word Art based on the style you choose. If you choose a simple Word Art style (like the one in the screenshot below), you can simply follow these steps to create your Word Art online for free

If you chose some more complex Word Art style, then I would recommend using Photoshop to create your Word Art

How to find a good family Word Art (for non creative people)

If you are not creative or maybe just do not have much free time, you should just search for a good family Word Art and use it. Trust me, if you are not really creative or handy with computers, this is the only way to get a good Word Art in just a few minutes, 

Use Google search function

The best way to find a good pre-made family Word Art is to use the advanced image search of Google. To do this, just go to, type ¨Family Word Art¨ and select ¨Image¨ on the top left of the search page.

As shown in the screenshot above, Google allows you to refine your search to find the Word Art you like. Choose the style you prefer (for example ¨calligraphy¨ or ¨clipart¨) by clicking on it. 

The next step is to filter out low quality images. To do this, you can click on ¨Tools¨ and then ¨Size¨. This will open a pull down menu where you can select which size you like your Art to be. I recommend selecting Large images only to get good quality images.

What about Christmas Word Arts?

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas is getting close and you are wondering what you need to do to create a good Christmas Word Art. Well, creating a Christmas Word Art is not different than creating any other one. The only difference is that you need to search for ¨Christmas Word Art¨ in Pinterest and Google image search. Do not forget to use green and red as the main colours of your Christmas Word Art to give it the right Christmas touch!