Best Day Trips From Dublin

Dublin is not only the capital of one of the best countries to work in Europe, but it’s also beautiful and very entertaining. You just need to know where to go and how to get there! Don’t worry, you’re lucky, today we’re here giving you suggestions, step by step, on the best day trips from Dublin that you could ever schedule.

Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport

Let’s assume you just landed at Dublin airport, you have two options, starting one of those Dublin private tours by bus, that you probably need to book in advance, or rent a car and let your road trip begins. Finding a car rental at Dublin airport won’t be an issue at all. In fact, there are a lot of rental companies offering cars directly from the airport. 

Dublin City

Dublin city

Parking in Dublin City could be a real nightmare, but you can always leave the car in a suburb near the city centre, and have a nice walk. 

Walking in Dublin is a great experience, not only because you can find nice shops and beautique, but also for all the landmarks that you can spot around, like the Dublin Castle, the main piece of the historic heart of the city. Other must-see sights are Trinity College and Temple Bar, possibly sipping a Guinness.

Going a little bit further, Phoenix Park has to be mentioned. Phoenix Park is a beautiful wild place where you’d be able to spot colourful flora and fantastic animals. If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to feed a deer!! Phoenix Park contains another of the most popular attractions in Ireland, the Dublin Zoo. Built during the first half of the 18th century, Dublin Zoo is a must-see piece for adults and kids and there’s not a chance to get bored there!

Must See in Ireland

Ok, all good! It’s now time to jump in your car and proceed with the next step of your adventure! We are going into the wild, and to do so, there’s nothing better than setting our navigator to two of the main landmarks of the whole continent. These destination are a probably the best day trips from Dublin you can possibly have!

Giant’s Causeway Tour From Dublin


The Giant’s Causeway are located in Northern Ireland, but don’t be afraid, it’s only a three hours drive from Dublin. And, what a drive! In fact, the Causeway Coast is very famous and enjoyable. The nature will be the protagonist of those three hours, until you’ll see the spectacular Giant’s Causeway, that will leave you breathless thanks to its beauty and maestosity. Thousands of basalt columns tumbling down into the Atlantic Ocean. Each column is made by hexagonal-shaped pillars, dating back to almost 60 million years ago. Crazy, right?!

Cliffs of Moher Tour From Dublin

Cliffs of Moher

This incredible and unique natural majesty is situated in County Clare, in the west part of the country, and it has faced the Atlantic for over 350 million years. We’re talking about the most visited attraction in Ireland, but only when you get there you’ll understand the reason. You road trip will never be completed if you’ll be missing the special landmark that takes the breath to anyone that has been there so far, so make sure to include it in your plan!

Hostels and B&B in Dublin

Sleeping in Dublin is very simple, in fact there’s a massive offer of bed and breakfasts in Dublin city centre and also hostels and apartments are there, too.

Finding the right hostel or bed and breakfast in Dublin city centre won’t be difficult at all, mostly if you follow Tripadvisors reviews! 

These were the main places you should visit in Ireland during your best day trip from Dublin. Make sure to plan the perfect itinerary and if after your trip you’ll think the Emerald Ireland might be the right place for you to spend your future, well… make sure to read our guide on How to Work in Ireland! Best luck with your trip!

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