Best Chromebook Sleeve Cases for Schools in 2021

Are you using a Chromebook at school and wondering which case to buy to protect it? Well, you are on the right page! In this article, I will review the best Chromebook cases for schools in 2021 and give you some tips on how to find them for the lowest price possible!

Why do you need a case for your Chromebook?

Thanks to their long battery life, Chromebooks are fantastic devices for everyday use. They are the perfect device for students to take notes and do research, wherever they are. When you move your device around so much there is going to be quite some risk of damaging it. Therefore, you need a good case to protect your Chromebook. As they are usually cheap devices, you want to make sure not to spend too much on your case and to get a good deal when buying it!

Best Chromebook Sleeve Cases for Schools in 2021

Sleeves are the cheapest cases that you can get to protect your Chromebook. As usual, the cheapest option will hardly be the best one. Fortunately, good-priced sleeves can still guarantee a good level of protection for an affordable price. 

Amazon basic laptop sleeve

If you want a very basic case for your Chromebook, the Amazon basic laptop sleeve is probably the way to go. These only cost $10.49, but they also offer very basic protection for your Chromebook. I would recommend this option only if you are careful with your Chromebook and do not expect to drop it very often. If you are a bit clumsy with your devices and you fear you will often drop your Chromebook, this is definitely not the case for you!

When buying an Amazon Basic laptop sleeve, make sure to select the correct size in inches, or your laptop will not fit in the case! They are available in many different colors, and this allows your students to choose the colour they prefer for their Chromebook case!

Best Shoulder Bag Cases to Bring Your Chromebook to School 

If you are afraid of damaging your Chromebook, or if you also need a bag to specifically carry your Chromebook to school, a shoulder bag is possibly the best option for you! Shoulder bags can cost from a few tens of dollars up to several hundreds. More expensive bags do not always protect your device better than cheap ones. Let’s take a look at the best options in different price ranges.

Amazon Basics 15.6 and 17.3 Inch Laptop and Tablet Case Shoulder Bag

Similar to the Chromebook sleeves, the Amazon Basic case shoulder bag is probably the best among the cheap shoulder bag cases. This case offers acceptable protection for your Chromebook, with a starting price of $22 for the 15.6 inch version. The bigger version at 17.3 inches costs $27.50. As the name suggests, the design of this Chromebook case is really basic. I would therefore recommend it to people who want a functional shoulder bag but do not care too much about the design. We will now take a look at some other options for people that like accurate design.

Targus Classic Slim Briefcase Laptop up to 16-Inch Laptops

If you are looking for a beautiful, slim, and functional Chromebook bag, the Targus Classic Slim Briefcase is probably the best choice for you. This is a crossbody shoulder bag, designed for the business professional travel commuter. It offers laptop protection for up to 16-inch laptops. It is available in several colors and the price starts from $24. This slim Chromebook briefcase also offers several extra pockets for notebooks, pens, etc.

Best Laptop Shells for your Chromebook

We just looked at some very good cases that will allow you to carry your Chromebook to school without the risk of damaging it during transport, but are there also cases that can protect your Chromebook when you are using it? Of course! This sort of Chromebook cases is a called “laptop shell”. Laptop shells are pretty much the same as phone cases: a plastic case that will stay on your device permanently. This way, you can also protect your Chromebook when using it at school or work.

Finding a Good Laptop Shell for Your Chromebook

Unlike other sort of Chromebook cases, a laptop shell needs to be “tailored” to your computer or you won’t be able to install it correctly. This means that we are not able to recommend you the “best” laptop shell as we would have to recommend a different one for every different Chromebook model. The best way to find a good laptop shell for your Chromebook is to just search for “Laptop shell” and the model of your Chromebook on Amazon or Google shopping.  For example, when searching for a laptop shell for the 11.6″ HP Chromebook I found this amazing option on Amazon

The price for a Chromebook shell ranges from around $10 to $100. Make sure to buy a good shell that actually protects your Chromebook! If you are really clumsy, you should consider buying both a laptop shell and a briefcase to protect your precious Chromebook as much as possible.

What about insuring your Chromebook for damage?

Cases, sleeves, laptop bags and shells are the best way to protect your Chromebook from damage when bringing it to school. However, there is another way to protect your devices, and that is good laptop insurance. Insuring your Chromebook means paying a fixed amount of money per month to an insurance company. In exchange for this monthly fee, the insurance will pay part of the value of your Chromebook if it is damaged. 

It is very important to understand the conditions when taking out laptop insurance for your Chromebook. When you buy a new Chromebook, you can often get good laptop insurance from the shop where you bought it. This is usually cheaper than getting separate insurance after your purchase. Different insurances have very different conditions, such as when it comes to deductibles and premiums. Make sure to discuss the conditions with your financial advisor and choose the best insurance to protect your Chromebook!