Best 5 Countries to Work in Europe

Finding jobs abroad is an affair for people that really believe in dreams. Changing your present to improve your future life requires big effort and sacrifice. However, after the first period abroad, once you’re integrated in the new system, you’ll start seeing the new country with different eyes, appreciating all the small things that you initially thought didn’t matter, but at the end of the day, make the difference.

We’ve already spoken about how to pick the right country when looking for a job abroad. Now, let’s see which are the best countries to work in Europe.

1. Netherlands

Working in the Netherlands comes with very interesting aspects. The Netherlands is a progressive and open minded country, located in a really good position in the centre of Europe allowing easy travels around the continent. The Netherlands has an unemployment rate of 3.3% and an average wage, adjusted by purchasing power, of 52,877$.

The Dutch economy is currently really strong and offers a great work/life balance. Another interesting aspect is that you don’t need to learn Dutch to work there, English is more than enough. When we talk about the Netherlands, we are talking about a great country, in particular for highly educated people. Looking for a downside? Not much natural environment going on!

2. Germany

We’re talking about the biggest economy in the EU, the biggest industry sector, and a massive offer of technical jobs. Painful point, most of the time, German language is necessary to work there… Having said that, Germany is a beautiful country in the middle of Europe, characterized by a good welfare state and with very efficient public services. The government is giving help to those whom are starting a family. The unemployment rate is 3.3%, with an average wage, adjusted by purchasing power, around 47,585$. Flipping the coin, not everyone might be keen on working in a hierarchical work environment, which is very common there.

3. Ireland

The emerald island has grown very fast in the last couple of decades and now the unemployment rate is 4.6% with an average wage, adjusted by purchasing power, of 47,653$. The Irish ground hosts many tech companies, which obviously means that there are a lot of software jobs with amazing salaries ready to be taken! Ireland is an English speaking country, which is of course an advantage for everyone and makes jobs in Ireland available for both qualified and unqualified workers . As already said, the Irish economy is consistently growing very fast and a lot of young people are taking advantage of that.

Big pros of this country, are definitely nature and people. There must be a reason if we’re here talking about the Emerald Island. Those beautiful gardens, beaches and breathtaking cliffs would make everyone fall in love with this country. People, what about people… Irish are very open minded, friendly and helpful… have a pint with them, to understand what I mean! Negative points, welfare state and public services are not as efficient as in other major EU countries… but they’re on it!

4. Denmark 

This beautiful viking country combines the beauty of continental Europe with the culture of the North. The result is an obviously brilliant mix that offers a good life balance in every city, thanks to the amazing welfare state of the country. This Amazing welfare comes with high income tax, but flipping the coin, all public services are just impeccable. The unemployment rate in Denmark is 4.8%, and the average wage, adjusted by purchasing power, is 51,466$. This country is a great fit for highly educated people.

5. Switzerland

Switzerland is a very peculiar country, located in a strategic position for travelling. Nature is great and some of the highest mountains in Europe are there.  The cost of living is extremely high, which is not necessarily bad. Since salaries are proportionate to the cost of living, when you go abroad, everything will be cheap. You can also always buy stuff online from websites like Aliexpress, the prices will be the same from any country. This will give you an incredible purchasing power!

The unemployment rate in Switzerland equals a small 2.6%, and the average wage, adjusted by purchasing power, is 62,283$. Remember, Swiss people are not particularly open to foreigners, so integrating as a foreigner might be extremely difficult and time consuming.

We’ve just spoken about the 5 Best Countries to Work in Europe, hopefully this will give you some good insights and will help you when picking the country to move to. Don’t forget that Europe is great and there are many more interesting countries, so use this article as a guide and track down more information about the nations you’re considering to live in. The research for a new job has just started, don’t give up, be positive and believe in yourself!