Best 3 Color Photo Editor and Filter in 2020 – Canva and More

Doesn’t really matter the purpose, we always look for the perfect photo filter online or the best online color photo editor. We always have the necessity of editing photos. Could be for social networks, for our CV or simply to hang them on a wall.

Whether you’re looking for color correction, photo effects online or very cool photo booth filters, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the ultimate guide to the greatest free online photo editor with cool effects that you could find out there!

In this article:

  • What is an Online Photo Editor?
  • How are Online Photo Editors mainly used?
  • What is an Online Filter Photo Editor?
  • What is an Online Color Photo Editor?
  • Best Free Online Photo Editor with cool effects
  • The Verdict

We’ve already spoken about the Best Photo Editing Services, which are a great way to outsource the job of editing photos which will allow you to focus on something else. Assuming that you’re going to take the responsibility of editing your own photos, we’re now going to show you the best tools you can find online to do it properly.

What is an Online Photo Editor?

An online photo editor is a software that allows you to enhance your images. Photo editors are very powerful and useful software, great for fixing lights and shadows and correcting color, contrast and brightness.

Online photo editors are used by those that need to edit pictures on an amateur level. In fact, these kinds of online tools only offer a few main functions such as: resizing the image, red eye removal, sharpness adjustments, zoom features and automatic cropping.

What is an Online Filter Photo Editor?

Nowadays, photo filters are very common. At least once in a lifetime, we all have taken a black and white photo or used one of those cool Instagram tools to make our photo look cooler and professional. That’s it! A filter photo editor simply is a software that allows you to apply your favourite filter to your pictures.

What is an Online Color Photo Editor?

An online color photo editor is a software that offers editing functionalities, with the main focus on enhancing the quality of colors in a photo. These types of tools are very common out there, but most of them can be unhelpful or very unfunctional. Stick to those that we’re about to suggest to not find bad surprises on your way!

Best Free Online Photo Editor With Cool Effects

When it comes to free online photo editors that offer the opportunity to apply cool effects to your photos, there’s lots of choice out there. However, it’s very important to remember that 

all that glitters is not gold. In fact, a lot of the free tools that you find online allow you to edit photos but want you to pay to export them. Obviously, if you’re looking for a free software online, that’s not exactly what you want. But you’re in good hands: we’re about to show you some really interesting options, all tested by our experts.

Canva Photo Editor

Unlimited projectsxx
Color Correctionxx
Text on imagex
Our Verdict6/108.5/10

Canva Photo Editor is a very well designed tool that gives you the opportunity to play around with your photos. In fact, it offers many interesting functionalities.

Before diving deep into Canva’s features, we need to specify something. Canva’s Free online photo editor has limited functions, if we want to be able to unlock some “Pro” tools, the subscription is out for €8.99 per month billed yearly, or €11.99 per month billed monthly.

Let’s find out what Canva Photo Editor offers and the differences between the Free version and the “Pro” package.

Canva Photo Editor

When we open Canva Photo Editor, we immediately notice a wide menu on the left. The first editing tool presented on screen is the “Adjust” that lets us work on Brightness, Contrast and Saturation of a photo.

Underneath those settings, we find a very nice selection of filters. We’re talking about a proper filter photo editor, with over ten different options.

On the menu on the left we also find the “Crop” section, where we can work on the size of the photo, but we can also rotate it, flip it and of course, crop it.

Now, this is it for the Free version of Canva Photo Editor. A good bunch of essential features.

However, the menu on the left still offers different options. In fact, we could add some text, create a collage of pictures and add some shapes. But these are all functionalities reserved to those that subscribed to the “Pro” package.

In sum, Canva Photo Editor gives you the opportunity to edit and resize images for free. No download required and no watermarks applied to the final product. A special mention goes to the filter photo editor, which offers a wide selection of very cool filters. 


Unlimited projectsxx
Color Correctionxx
Text on imagexx
Our Verdict7/109/10

Pixlr is a great tool that works perfectly as a color photo editor, offering a huge amount of options in terms of adjustments.

Pixlr’s platform offers a wide range of functionalities, but only some of them are included in the Free plan. However, the Advanced plan is a very cheap solution that costs only $3.99 per month, billed annually or $7.99 billed monthly. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of a great tool for such a small amount of money. Let’s find out about all the features included in the Free plan and those offered after paid subscription.

Pixl photo editor

After a quick look, the Pixlr interface looks very similar to Photoshop’s one, with navigator and layers on the right and a bunch of tools on the left of the screen.

We can easily localize the right tool to resize the image, to rotate and to crop it. The button to “cut out” parts of the background to isolate the main subject of the image is also there.

We have to highlight the “Adjust” button. In fact, this is a proper color photo editor, no doubts. This wouldn’t be different on a hundred euros photo editing software. We get to work on our image, edit vibrance, saturation, temperature, tint and many more.

So far, so good. And we’re not even half way of all the great features that Pixlr offers in its FREE version. Yeah, you got it right. All of this can be found on the Free version of the tool.

Advanced Functions

Let’s go on exploring Pixlr. There we go, a “Details” button that allows us to work more on all the settings of the image. With this feature we get to control blurriness, smoothness, sharpness and more.

The “Effect” button opens a Filter photo editor that offers over ten different and well designed filters. The great part of this Filter photo editor is that every single filter offers sub-filter options to work on the details of the effect. Very powerful.

The last few buttons left are useful if we need to include some text in the image, if we want to include another photo in the project or we have to remove some unwanted spots.

Another interesting tool included in the free version of Pixlr is the photo drawing editor, that allows you to sketch freehand.

The last button left to click is “Add Element”. In this section we get to insert some very cool overlays, borders, shapes and stickers. And there we are, in this section we figure out that some of the elements included in the list are only available in the Advanced account. A real pity, but the free version is filled with a wide range of tools and the Advanced subscription is cheap enough to obtain the whole list of elements and use a great ad-free tool.

Fotofriend Photo Editor

Unlimited projectsxx
Color CorrectionLimitedx
Text on imagexx
Our Verdict6.5/108/10

Fotofriend is a nice tool that offers different services. In the homepage we spot some well-made Photo Booth Filters. You can easily take photos using your webcam, as you’d be in a real photo booth. There are over 50 effects that you can apply to your pics and they all are very funny and cool.

Now, let’s now have a look at the actual photo editor.

The first impression is really good. It looks like a real photo editor tool. We immediately notice that, same as for the other two tools previously reviewed, here we also have different types of subscriptions. The Free subscription allows you to work on up to 5 projects and contains sponsored ads. The Premium subscription which allows you to create unlimited projects is out for $3.99 per month, billed yearly, or $6.99 billed monthly.


The interface looks good, and we immediately spot some Auto-Fix features. If you’re old school and you want to proceed manually, the color photo editor gives you the opportunity to play around with saturation and temperature. The usual options to rotate, resize and crop are also there.

After spotting the Filter photo editor we have a nice surprise. In fact, a good bunch of nice filters opens up in front of us. We get to mix the filter’s effect with the original photo, obtaining a nice product.

The overlays section is the one mainly reserved to the “Premium” subscribers. The overlays are very nice and considering how cheap the “Premium” subscription is, we totally recommend it.

The “Touch Up” section offers nice tools such as airbrush, wrinkle remover, eyeliner, teeth whitener…. There are a lot and with the paid subscription there’d be even more.

More stuff has yet to come. In fact, we can also add text, stickers and frames to our photo.

Overall, Fotofriend is a very nice filter photo editor, with good basic functionalities and some nice surprises. The photo booth filters are a funny and cool feature and a special mention goes to the filter photo editor function. Great tool. Obviously we recommend you to get the annual subscription to be able to benefit from all the nice features!

Upscaler: the photo editor to upscale & enhance images

The photo editors that we described above are mostly used to modify photos and to add filters. In case you just want to enhance the quality of your photos and/or upscale them, Upscaler is the software you need! Upscaler uses smart AI to increase the size of your photos without compromising their quality. It is extremely easy to enhance and upscale images with Upscaler. Just sign up for a free account, upload the image you want to upscale or enhance and you are good to go! Upscaler also offers premium paid upscale functions for users interested in advanced features (such as 4x or 10x upscale or special effects). Prices for premium upscale start from as little as $0.10 per upscale!

The Verdict

We’ve just reviewed some of the best free online photo editors with cool effects that you can find online. Overall, they all are good and work well. They were tested by our crew, to make sure to feed you with the best of the best. So, there we go. No doubts that on this page you’ve found anything you were looking for!

If you weren’t able to find the perfect color editor to apply cool filters to your photos, you should probably consider installing the Photoshop app on your smartphone. This app is free and gives you great and simple photo editing options. It also contains great filters and tools to fix brightness, contrast and all basic elements. If you want to find out more about this free app and Adobe Photoshop in general, read our guide about How Much Does Photoshop Cost? Price, Subscription and Free App.

Whether you’re interested in an online color photo editor or simply a photo drawing editor, we got you covered and now it’s time to pick the one that better suits your needs.

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