Audio FREE Download Audacity for PC, Mac and Linux

When it comes to editing audio tracks, it’s really tough to find a good software. However, Audacity has always been a great option.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to download Audacity for PC, Mac and Linux and we’ll go through all the benefits of this software.

All beginners usually start with it, as it is a simple and intuitive software that allows you to make music and podcasts with little effort.

The greatest aspect of this software is that it’s open source. This means that you can easily download Audacity for free on their official website.

Audacity offers a great number of effects and plugins and gives you the opportunity to record different tracks and process them to obtain professional results.

In this article, we’ll talk about:

  • Why purchase an Audacity?
  • Audacity Download Free
    • Audacity Download Free: Download Audacity for Pc
    • Audacity Download Free: Download Audacity for Mac
    • Audacity Download Free: Download Audacity for Linux
  • Audacity: Free Plugins and Libraries
    • Audacity: VST Plug-ins
    • Audacity Libraries: Lame MP3 Encoding and FFmpeg
  • Sound Quality: Factors That Affect Audio Quality
    • The Audio Interface
    • The Microphone
    • The Room
  • Conclusion

Why purchase Audacity?

Let’s assume that you would love to start making your own music. You can play an instrument and you also have some good equipment to start, but no software. Well, Audacity is definitely a good starting point. In fact, you can download Audacity for Pc, Mac and Linux for free.

The software is very easy to use and most people will find the interface very straight forward. Audacity, at first glance, looks like an old school music player for Windows XP. You might remember the good old Windows Media Player. What’s incredible about this software, is the amount of functions and effects available and the quality of the products that you can actually produce. Audacity allows you to produce top-notch songs and podcast shows.

Yeah, you got it right. You can also produce podcasts.

If you want to start your own show, you have a lot to say and own microphones, audio interface, headphones… you’re in a great spot and Audacity will give you the opportunity to test all your equipment and to start producing real content. If you want to know more about producing your own show at home, read our guide about How can I produce my home podcast?

As we’ve already mentioned above, the best part is that you can download Audacity for free, as it is an open source software.

If you’re approaching the audio editing world, whether that is for editing music or creating a new talk show, Audacity will give you all the tools needed to easily generate a great product with little effort.

Audacity Download Free

As we mentioned above, you can download Audacity for Free. Audacity is an audio editing software developed for Pc, Mac and Linux.

On the official website you can also find some very useful instructions that will fill you in on how to use the software and take advantage of all the great features. To have a look at Audacity instructions, simply click here.

Below, you can find a list of all latest compatible Audacity versions, sorted by platform.

system (OS)OS versionAudacity version
Windows7, 8 and 102.4.2
XP with SSE2 CPU2.1.3
98 and ME2.0.0
macOS10.7 to
10.6 (Universal)2.2.2
10.5 (Universal)2.1.1
10.4 (Universal)2.0.6
Mac OS X10.01.2.6a
Classic Mac OSMac OS 91.0.0

Audacity Download Free: Download Audacity for PC

If you’re looking forward to downloading Audacity for PC, you should check out this page.

There, you’ll find all information needed to use the software and make it work on your Windows device with no hiccups whatsoever.

In the table above, you can find the list of all compatible devices. As you can see, all the latest versions of Windows support the newest version of Audacity. That means that, as soon as you’ll install Audacity on your computer, you’ll be able to start producing your own products. Don’t hesitate, download Audacity for pc, now!

Audacity Download Free: Download Audacity for Mac

If you want to find out more about the last version of Audacity available for Mac, check out this page. You’ll find out all you need to know about installing Audacity on your Apple device.

In the table above, you can spot the list of all compatible devices. The latest version of Audacity is supported by all new Mac devices, so you won’t have any issues using the software on your computer.

Also, as they suggest on the official website Audacity runs best with at least 2 GB RAM and a 2 GHz processor.

If you’re looking for an easy software for your Mac device, that will give you the opportunity to make music, podcasts, or radio shows, Check Audacity out immediately!

Audacity Download Free: Download Audacity for Linux

All Linux supporters out there will be happy to hear that Audacity is also available for this open source operating system.

Yeah, this is great news, right? I’m well aware of the struggle to find a good audio editing software for Linux. You finally got yours! Click here to find out more about Audacity for Linux. You’ll be able to find all important information needed to install the software on your computer and take advantage of all the great functions available. 

On that page, you’ll also find all system requirements and specifications to make sure to obtain your best from this open source software.

If you are one of those Linux lovers, you finally found a good way to produce your own audio packages. You’ve waited enough, it’s finally time to have fun! Make sure to download Audacity for Linux, now!

Audacity: Free Plug-ins and Libraries

You must know that Audacity also comes with very interesting Addons. You can decide to add some extra features to the software, simply installing some plug-ins on your device.

Installing those plug-ins is very easy, but if you need more information, you can find some official guidelines at the links below.

Let’s now go through some of the main plug-ins that you can install on your pc.

Audacity: VST Plug-ins

VST is an abbreviation for Virtual Studio Technology. We are talking about some sounds of instruments that can be digitally recreated on your computer. For example, you could recreate the sound of a trombone, or a cello, without owning and recording one of those. All you need to do is plug a keyboard to your computer and assign the digital sound of the instrument you’re looking forward to recording to it.

Also, VST includes some audio editing effects such as compressor, echo and delay. 

If you want to find out more about VST Plug-ins, check out the official manual at the links below:

Audacity Libraries: Lame MP3 Encoding and FFmpeg

There are two main Libraries available on Audacity. LAME MP3 encoding and FFmpeg import/export. The first one is very useful if you need to export audio in MP3 format. The second one allows you to import and export many popular audio formats, such as M4A and WMA.

These two libraries are crucial. They give you the freedom to deal with all audio formats without needing the use of third party software to convert your tracks.

Our suggestion is to download these two libraries immediately and install them on your device. They’ll make your audio editing experience a lot easier!

If you want to find out more about LAME MP3 encoding, check this page now!

If you are looking for more information about FFmpeg import/export, here’s the page you should check out!

Sound Quality: Factors That Affect Audio Quality

When it comes to producing some audio content, the quality of the sound is always one of the main concerns.

In terms of sound quality, you can find a lot of insights on Audacity’s official website.

However, it’s very important to keep in mind that the audio software is only one of those variables that can have an impact on the quality of your recordings.

You have to be aware that there are many factors that can influence the quality of your tracks. Let’s go through some of the main ones.

The Audio Interface

An audio interface is a device that you connect to your computer and allows you to plug instruments or microphones and to record audio to your computer. You probably want to use one of these devices because the internal microphone of your computer is usually not good enough to record clean audio tracks. However, a bad audio interface can affect the quality of your final product.

The Microphone

Everybody knows what a microphone is. However, it’s not always clear how important this tool is. In fact, most of the time bad audio quality is due to the use of a bad microphone. Obviously, you can find different price range microphones and sometimes you don’t even need an expensive one to obtain the sound you’re looking for. The only suggestion here, is to do some research and make sure to find the microphone that will suit your needs.

The Room

The room where you record your product can have a massive impact on the quality of the sound. This is a very underrated variable that can influence the quality of your recordings a lot more than all the others presented above. 

Ideally, you’d want to record your product in a small (or medium sized) room with a lot of stuff in it. You should fill the room with rugs, cushions, couches…. The main purpose is to try to absorb all rumors and avoid reverbs that can drop the quality of your sound. For this reason, you’d ideally avoid recording audio tracks in a garage or a bathroom.


We’ve just gone through all main aspects of Audacity. Now you know that Audacity is an open source software that allows you to produce audio projects.

Open source means that you can download Audacity for free on all your devices. The software is available for PC, Linux and Mac. 

In this guide, we’ve also mentioned some of the main plug-ins that you can decide to add to Audacity if you are looking for some specific extra features.

The two libraries presented above give you the opportunity to deal with all most popular audio formats.

Last, but not least, we’ve also gone through some of the main factors that could affect the audio quality of your final product. Sometimes people might just blame the software, not considering that there are many parameters and variables that can cause a drop of the audio quality of a final product.

This guide should’ve helped you in the tough decision of picking the right audio editing software. Audacity has always guaranteed quality and simplicity. Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been doing audio editing for a while, Audacity can be your simple solution, give it a go.

Click here to download Audacity on your computer, now!

However, if you consider Audacity’s interface too amateuristic and you are looking for producing professional content, there are obviously more options on the table. If you have some budget for your tools, you might want to consider Adobe Audition.

Adobe Audition is a software developed by Adobe and used by professionals to produce music and podcasts. Find out more about Adobe Audition on our guide about Adobe Audition: Price, Deals and Free Trial.