Aliexpress English – The Aliexpress USA and UK Guide

Are you wondering what Aliexpress is? Do you want to learn how to use Aliexpress to get the best deals? You’re on the right page! After reading this article, you will know everything you need to know about Aliexpress. This guide will explain you all the details of the Aliexpress English version.

I will first explain you how Aliexpress USA and Aliexpress UK work and then illustrate the steps you need to take to identify safe Aliexpress sellers and products. With these tips, you will be able to buy (and actually get delivered) good products for a ridiculously cheap price!

What is Aliexpress English?

Although it was only launched in 2010, Aliexpress is one of the world´s biggest online retail services. The founder, Mr. Jack Ma, is the richest man in China. His story is really inspiring and I would recommend you to read it.

Aliexpress (part of the Alibaba Group) is based in China but available in any country in the world. Usually, products are offered at the same price in all countries. The only difference between countries is the shipping time of products arriving in your country.

How does Aliexpress work

Basically, Aliexpress is a platform that allows (Chinese) sellers to independently sell their products. So when you are buying a product on Aliexpress, you are buying it from a seller, not,  from Aliexpress itself. Aliexpress is an intermediary that allows you and the seller to find each other. Aliexpress will also be a (fair) judge in case of a dispute between seller and buyer. In case a seller will try to scam you, Ali will help you. 

If you are thinking that Aliexpress is pretty similar to eBay, you are right! The main difference between the two is that most products on Aliexpress are sold by shops rather than private sellers.

You can find anything on AliExpress. From construction materials to Good quality bicycles, all for an incredibly cheap price.

Before going to the next step, I would recommend opening the Aliexpress English page. By opening Aliexpress from this LINK, you will get a discount coupon worth a few dollars or a product of your choice for just $0.01 including delivery! 

Aliexpress buyer protection

Many people think that Aliexpress is not a safe e-commerce website. I genuinely do not understand where this idea is coming from. In fact, Aliexpress offers a great buyer protection service. If you order something and it does not match the product description, Ali will refund you. 

Of course, opening a dispute to get your money back is not something people enjoy doing. You will probably get your money back, but you will still not have the product you wanted to buy. Therefore the preferred option is to learn how to select good shops on Aliexpress English.

Aliexpress, payments currencies and exchange rates

Aliexpress will process your payment via Alipay. This is a safe payment system that will not share your credit card details with the sellers. So there is no need to worry about sellers knowing your credit card number. Alipay accepts most payment systems, but let´s go into the details country by country.

Aliexpress USA: currency and costs

All prices on Aliexpress can be set to US dollars ($). If you have a bank account in US dollars and you are using Aliexpress USA, you do not need to worry about conversion rates. Just order and pay with your debit or credit card. Note that Aliexpress accepts all major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, etc..). Make sure to select US dollars as your currency on top of the page (see screenshot below).

Select Aliexpress USA in the menu

Aliexpress UK or from any other country: conversion fees and prices in your currency (Euro, Pound etc..)

If you shop on aliexpress in a different currency than the one of your bank account, your bank will probably charge you with a conversion fee. It is therefore important to set Aliexpress payment to the currency of your bank account. This is normally automatically done by Aliexpress, based on your location. At the top of your Aliexpress page you can verify that your location, language and currency are set correctly. See the screenshot below as an example of how to set Aliexpress UK price in pounds.

Selecting Aliexpress UK price in Pounds

If you are looking for a different currency, the process is identical. A very nice function of aliexpress is that you can set shipping address language and currency independently. So if you live in a foreign country, you can still set your own language and currency but choose a different shipping address. For example, you can have Aliexpress English with Australian dollars as currency and the  shipping address in Germany.

Is it cheaper to buy products on Aliexpress China?

The answer to this question is clear, NO. Aliexpress USA, Aliexpress UK and Aliexpress China will always have the same price! The only difference in price is the cost of shipment, but this has to do with where you live, not on the Aliexpress website you choose. So feel free to just set Aliexpress in your most comfortable language. 

How to use Aliexpress

After reading this chapter, you will be an Aliexpress expert. We will first explain the basic steps like Aliexpress login and then move towards how to find good products from the Aliexpress best sellers. There are quite some tricks on how to find Aliexpress best sellers. Thanks to these tricks, I bought a lot of stuff on Aliexpress and I’ve never been scammed. My secret is being able to select Aliexpress best sellers. If you know how to choose good sellers, you can find any product for an incredibly cheap price on Ali! In this chapter, I will explain my recipe to find the Aliexpress best sellers on Aliexpress English.

Aliexpress Login and sign up

Logging in on Aliexpress is the first step. The Aliexpress login function is really easy. Just open Aliexpress English, select account on the top right of the page and click join (see screenshot below).

Aliexpress loging

After filling-in your details, your Aliexpress English account will be ready! 

How to find high quality products from Aliexpress best sellers

There are countless good sellers on Aliexpress, but there is not a unique shop selling all products on the market. So if you are looking for a specific product on Aliexpress, the best approach is to search for a product and then select the best seller for that specific product.

It is not a good idea to first select the Aliexpress best sellers and then search through their products hoping that they will have what you are looking for. The main reason for this is that you will miss some other great offer if you only search products from sellers you already know.

Here are the steps to find the best products on Aliexpress:

1. Search for your product (in English) using the Aliexpress search bar

Order the results by NUMBER of reviews

This step might sound strange to you. However, there are so many sellers offering a product on Aliexpress English that you have the luxury of cutting out shops without enough reviews. If no one else bought a certain product from a shop, you do not want to be the first one.

2. Set a price range filter 

The price range filter does not need to be strict. In fact, the purpose of this filter is to cut out products different from what you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for a mobile phone, some search results will be the phone case instead of the phone itself. By cutting out anything below 90 euros, all the accessories will disappear from the list. 

3. Open the top results in new tabs

Identify the top results and open them in new tabs. After completing this step, you will have a list of candidate products. These products are in your price range and have been previously bought and reviewed by other customers.

4. Look for reviews with images and identify fake reviews

Now it’s time to identify eventual fake reviews. The best way to do it, is to analyse the reviews. It is expected to have reviews from all over the world and some of them with pictures. Reviews with pictures are the most difficult to fake. If a product has many reviews with pictures taken in different locations by different people, there is no doubt that the product is genuine.

If you notice that pictures that are supposed to be from different reviewers, have the same background, you need to worry! These reviews are probably fake.

Click on reviews with pictures and analyse them. If nothing looks suspicious, the seller is probably reliable. 

Remember, if you have questions about the product, do not hesitate to ask the sellers. Most Aliexpress sellers will answer any question you might have within a few hours. 

Also, realize that there will always be some negative comments. There will always be some unsatisfied client that is angry at the seller. So expect to find some very negative comments, but do not worry about a few negative comments. The important thing is the average. If there are 1000 comments and 990 are positive, probably something really exceptional happened to these 10 unsatisfied people, or they just had the wrong expectations from the product. If the negative comments (1 or 2 stars) are around 2-4% I would not worry. This is a healthy percentage of unsatisfied people. 

5. Select shipping method and other options to determine the final price

At this point, you will have a few good options to choose from. Before going with the cheapest one, please consider shipping cost and delivery time. Aliexpress will probably show a range of prices for the product (as shown below).

select shipment on Aliexpress USA

 Select the correct options (colour, version, shipment method etc) for each of the products to show their final price.

6. Make your decision 

At this point, you will have a couple of Aliexpress English tabs open with different alternatives to buy your product. Compare prices and shipping times to choose your product. Remember to give the right value to money and time when making your choice. As they say, time is money, so it is often worth it to pay a few extra dollars for a faster shipment. 

Once you know which product to buy, you can either buy it immediately or put it in your cart and continue shopping.

Buy now or Add to Cart Aliexpress IE

7. Complete your payment on Aliexpress English

As previously said, it doesn’t matter if you are on Aliexpress USA,  Aliexpress UK, AliExpress IE or AliExpress AU, your payment can be done in any currency. For example, if you are in the UK, you can always see the Aliexpress UK price in pounds. 

To complete your payment, just click Place Order in your order summary. 

Aliexpress AU order summary

Monitor the status of your order on Aliexpress English

Congratulations, you just bought a good product from one of the Aliexpress best sellers. What will the next step be?

Shipment confirmation

After completing your order, the seller has a certain amount of hours to confirm and ship your products. If this does not happen, you will get a full refund and your order will be cancelled. However, since you ordered from a good seller, you are quite sure that your order will be shipped within a few hours.

Order tracking 

Aliexpress has a great function that allows you to track the status of your shipment. This is particularly useful if you choose the standard shipping. In fact, a product sent with standard shipping can take more than a month to arrive. 

You can use the tracking function to monitor where your product is and the expected arrival date. 

Aliexpress China shipment

Delivery time and buyer protection insurance

It is important to remember that there is a time limit to the buyer protection insurance. When opening your order, you can see how many days of buyer protection insurance you have left. Aliexpress will notify you if the buyer protection is going to expire soon. The only action you need to take in case you receive this message, is to confirm that your package did not arrive yet.  Aliexpress will give you a full refund. Also in this situation there is no risk of losing money.

Examples of a good Aliexpress seller

In the previous chapters, I explained a lot of theory about how to find a good Aliexpress shop. Now it is time for some examples. 

Since I bought a lot of products from Aliexpress best sellers, I can give you a couple an example of a good sellers.

Superlative Store is a great example of Aliexpress good seller. I bought some nice electronics from this shop. They always delivered as promised and most importantly they also offer EU and USA warehouses. This means that if you are in a rush to receive something, you will be able to pay a little extra to receive it faster. If you decide to buy products from this seller, you can use the discount codes PROM or PROM30.

Now you should be able to navigate in the Aliexpress jungle and choose great products from the best Aliexpress sellers. Don´t forget to open Aliexpress English from this LINK to get a free coupon!