Adobe Audition: Price, Deals and Free Trial

Whether you’re looking for the right software to produce your podcast, to edit interviews or to record your music, you’re at the right place. In fact, Adobe Audition is a professional tool that gives you the opportunity to edit any kind of audio tracks and turn them into professional products that will perfectly fit into the media landscape. In this article you’ll find out everything you need to know about Adobe Audition: price, deals and more.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • Why purchase an Adobe Audition Subscription?
  • Adobe Audition: Price, Deals and Free Trial
    • Adobe Audition Price: Individuals Plan
    • Adobe Audition Price: Students and Teachers Plan
    • Adobe Audition Price: Business Owners Plan
    • Adobe Audition: Free Trial
  • Adobe Audition File Extension
  • Conclusion

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Why purchase an Adobe Audition Subscription?

If you’ve ever had to deal with audio tracks, you surely know how difficult and painful it can be to find a good editor. What you need is software that allows you to process your audio tracks, without dropping quality or weirdly crashing in the middle of the job. You must know that you’ve come to the right place. In fact, we’re about to introduce you to Adobe Audition, the best audio editing software you can find online. 

Let’s assume you’ve been considering starting your own podcast online. You already have your guests selected and you’re ready to start producing your show. All the equipment is there. Microphones, headphones, audio interface… it’s all ready to go. You only have to figure out what platform to use when recording and editing audio. In this case, the answer is incredibly easy. Adobe Audition is one of the most famous Audio editing software that you can find out there.

Why is Adobe Audition so famous? Because, as all Adobe products, it offers quality and it’s accessible by anyone. Literally anyone could use this software on a basic level.

We’ve already spoken about other software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop. This scenario is very similar. Adobe Audition is a great software that gives you the opportunity to learn a lot and to improve the quality of your products. All you need is experience and a lot of practice. But there’s no reason not to start producing your show with Adobe Audition from the very beginning.


Adobe Audition: Cost, Deals and Free Trial

As usual, Adobe offers a large set of deals to purchase their products. All you need to do is find the right one and proceed, being aware that when it comes to Adobe products, you can’t go wrong. Let’s now find out more about Adobe Audition price, deals and free trial.

The Individuals Plan

You must know that Adobe offers great deals all the time. In this case, all individuals out there that are looking forward to purchasing Adobe Audition must know that the software can be purchased for US$20.99 per month. This is an incredibly good deal, if you consider the quality of the software and the fact that it would allow you to create perfect audio tracks and enhance your art.  Purchase an Adobe Audition subscription for Individuals now!

Audition $20.99/mo

Adobe Audition: Business Owners Plan

All business owners surely know Adobe Audition already. And, if you deal with audio tracks on a daily basis, there’s no chance you’d find a better software to use. Adobe Audition is all you need to create, edit and post-produce shows, interviews and music.

The software will give you the opportunity to work on an easy platform that offers great features and incredible tools.

Business owners have two options to purchase Adobe Audition. They can take advantage of the Single App deal, or the All Apps package.

Let’s go through the two types of subscriptions. In case you’re only looking for Adobe Audition and you’re not interested in purchasing any other software developed by Adobe, the perfect subscription for you is the Single App deal. The deal costs US$33.99 per month and will give you access to all Adobe Audition features. However, if you think you might need other apps there’s an incredible deal waiting for you. Adobe gives you the chance to purchase all their apps for only US$79.99 per month. This means that for that price, you’ll be able to install over 20 different professional software on your laptop that’ll help you to improve your business. Ideally, if you work with audio tracks, you might also need to create artworks, graphics, animations… it’s all there. The All Apps deals by Adobe contains all you need to make great products, from the beginning till the end of the process.

All you’ve got to keep in mind is that the prices above are per license. That means that if you want two members of your team to work simultaneously on two different projects, you’ll have to purchase two separate licenses. Purchase an Adobe Audition subscription for Business Owners now!

All app va single app

Adobe Audition deals: Students and Teachers Plan

Let’s assume that you’re a student, you play a music instrument and you’d love to be able to record your own music. You really don’t need much. In fact, you only need a good microphone and an even better audio editing software. Well, in this case you’re in a great spot and since you’re a student, we’ve got great news for you!

As we always say in our guides, Adobe always reserves their best deals to students and teachers. If you’re a student with a passion for music, you don’t want to miss this.

Adobe has a special offer for you. They allow you to purchase the All Apps subscription for only US$19.99 per month instead of the regular price of US$52.99 per month.

Sounds like an incredible opportunity, right? So, don’t hesitate to head over their official website and purchase an Adobe Audition subscription for Students and Teachers now!

Student discount

Adobe Audition: Free Trial

Ok, I get it. You’re not convinced yet! It’s understandable, I know that purchasing an annual subscription can be a major commitment and you want to be sure that Adobe Audition is exactly what you’re looking for. But that’s no issue at all! The Adobe’s guys are so confident about the quality of their products, that they just don’t mind giving you the opportunity to test them for free!

You can test all features offered by Adobe Audition for 7 days, so you’ll have a better idea of what you can do with the software and you’ll if it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Click here to download the software and start your free trial immediately!

Adobe Audition File Extension

When you work on Adobe Audition, your project files are saved in a SESX format. The .sesx file will contain all the elements of your session and can be opened with Adobe Audition only.

Obviously, when you’re happy with your project and you are ready to render, you’ll be given the opportunity to export your audio tracks into different and more common formats, such as .wav, .mp3, .flac, …


We’ve just seen some of the best deals offered by Adobe to purchase one of their main software. We’re talking about Adobe Audition, an incredible app that gives you the opportunity to produce radio clips, podcasts, interviews and songs. It doesn’t really matter what you do. As long as you work with audio tracks, you’re in the right place.Now let’s assume that you want to start your own show online. Buying expensive equipment won’t be enough. Actually, sometimes it can be even too much! You don’t really need expensive tools to produce a great show. You just need the right tools. Well, Adobe Audition is surely one of those. All the great features of the software will come to the rescue when you’ll have to get rid of some background noises, coughs or sneezes. It’s all there, don’t hesitate and take advantage of Adobe Audition now!