7 Good Reasons to Move Abroad

Moving abroad, doing the big step… sometimes it sounds like a fantasy, something that happens only in the movies, something unreachable and over the best hopes and expectations.

Then, a sparkle of consciousness and you realise that your home place has changed lately, you don’t belong to it anymore, everything looks small and pointless. Well, I’ve been there before and I can tell you: that’s the perfect timing to move abroad.

And this is only one of the dozens of good reasons to move out of your home country, let’s go through some others together.

1. Learn more about yourself

We grow up in a busy world, where there’s stuff to do all the time, people everywhere, family, friends, we never really get to stop and reflect about ourselves. Moving abroad gives you the opportunity to reflect on the kind of person you’ve become, with your strengths and weaknesses. It gives you time to talk to the person in the mirror, to be proud of that person, or sometimes angry or sad. All of this creates a self-consciousness that will help you in every future circumstance. 

2. Learn how to be alone

This point is naturally connected to the previous one. Moving far from family and friends means that recreating a circle of pals will take a while. In the meantime, you’ll be alone. Remember, there’s nothing wrong in spending some time thinking about your things, relaxing and dealing with emotions. Before feeling great with people we all should learn to enjoy the time we can spend alone.

3. Adapt to new situations

Everything is going to be new. You’ll have to deal with new people, new food, environment, culture and traditions. Doesn’t mean it’s going to be bad, but it might take a while. The important thing here is not to try to recreate your old world in the new country, but going with the flow, trying to enjoy the new scenario. Adapting to new situations will become easier, and this skill is always very appreciated by employers.

4. Improve your language skills

When you live abroad, it’s very likely that you’ll have to deal with a new language. This will bring you to the next level, your second language will become step by step very fluent and your vocabulary will improve to an extraordinary level. It’s crucial to speak the new language as much as possible in the first few months. Try to avoid communities of people from your home country and mix with locals. Otherwise, what’s the sense of leaving your country?

5. See life from a new perspective

Life will be different. Doing everything by yourself, will teach you how to appreciate those small things that you’ve never even considered before. You’ll start smiling and feeling a new person, trying new experiences and making new friends. 

6. Become more open-minded

Living in a different country will open your mind and make you learn new lessons. You’ll meet different people with every kind of background. Everyone will tell you his stories, and you’ll share some moments together. You will all bring home some good memories that will never be forgotten.

7. The world will start feeling like your home

You’ll get so used to all these new changes someday, then you won’t even notice them anymore. At some point you’ll feel safe and connected to anyone. You’ll take the time to slow down and enjoy everything you’re surrounded by. Not everything will be great, but you’ll start to belong to the entire world, and not only to a single country.

These were 7 good reasons to move abroad, but don’t forget that there are many more!!! The purpose of Job Wherever is to walk you through the amazing experience of living abroad, step by step, from the very beginning, How to Decide Where to Live Abroad, to the 5 Easy Steps to Find Jobs Abroad, and many, many more… So, stay connected, stay on Job Wherever!