7 Best VPN Services in 2020 – Including VPN extension

Whether you are looking for a VPN Chrome extension, a Firefox VPN, or a VPN for pc, don’t you worry: we got you covered!

In this article:

  • We’ll explain to you what a VPN service is and how it works.
  • We’ll explain to you the reason why you might need a VPN.
  • We’ll present to you a list of the Best VPN services that you can find online.

I will discuss prices in the currency used to do the pricing on official websites. However, the content is valid for any country and currency. Just convert prices into your currency, and everything will make sense.

What is a VPN?

You probably have been wondering what a VPN is primarily used for? Well, a VPN (Virtual Private Work) is a service used to establish a secure and encrypted internet connection. It gives you privacy and anonymity online, creating a private network when navigating from a public internet connection.

Why using a VPN?

There are many good reasons for using a VPN when navigating online. The main one is surely the fact that surfing on a not safe network makes you in a position to expose your private information. The anonymity and privacy offered by this service will make you feel safe anytime, making sure that all your messages, emails, bills, and online shopping won’t be anyone else’s business.

If you’re willing to become a pro gamer, a VPN service is needed to play games everywhere smoothly.

Firefox VPN extension

A lot of VPN services come with a Firefox Extension. That means that once they are installed on your device, it will be very easy for you to turn them on and off. You will only need to click the button on top of the search bar of Firefox, and you’ll be ready to navigate, anonymously, and with all the privacy that you’ll need.

VPN Chrome extension

Chrome VPN extension

Setting up a VPN on Google Chrome is very easy and quick. You only need to find the App on the Chrome Web Store and click the Add to Chrome button. The service will be automatically added to the top bar of the search engine as a VPN Chrome extension, and it will be very easy to turn the VPN on and off.

Best VPN services online


NordVPN is a multi-purpose service that works well in many aspects, and compared to other VPNs is also fairly cheap. NordVPN offers strong encryption, and it’s perfect for people that look for privacy and speed. This service is perfect when used to unlock the geo-limitation of Netflix and the other streaming providers.

As declared on the official website “NordVPN safeguards your connection with next-generation encryption, so you can log into your accounts, make bank transfers, and shop online without worries. Even on unprotected Wi-Fi.”

Nord VPN vs express vpn subscription

The official website of NordVPN offers different plans to purchase the service. However, we have links to special offers for you. The 1-month deal, which is full price, is out for €10.63 per month. Then, we have a 1-year plan, out for €6.22 per month, which makes it €74.65 billed every year, saving 41% of your money. The third deal is a 2-year plan, out for €4.44 per month, saving 58% of the money, paying a total of €106.58 every two years. The last deal, a 3-year plan, includes the biggest savings. It costs €3.10 per month, for a total of €111.82 billed every three years.


ExpressVPN is a very well projected service that gives you anonymity and privacy during navigation. At the same time, it allows you to speed up your downloading time without requiring any activity or connection logs. ExpressVPN is presented on the website as the “#1 Trusted leader in VPN”.

Express VPN subscription

They have servers in 94 countries, and in terms of security & encryption, this is a top-class service. ExpressVPN also offers a VPN Chrome extension that makes the use of this service even simpler and quicker.

On their website, they offer three different types of subscriptions. The first one is a monthly Express VPN subscription, out for $12.95. Then, we have the most popular plan, $6.67 per month for a 15 months Express VPN subscription, saving 49% of the full price. The last type of Express VPN subscription is a fair deal midway to the previous two. It’s a six months deal out for $9.99 per month, for a total of $59.95 to pay in advance.


PersonalVPN is a security service provided by WiTopia. They own a network of servers in more than 70 cities across over 40 countries. WiTopia’s VPN service strengths are the 24/7 live chat support and the security and privacy provided to its customers. In terms of speed, PersonalVPN is probably one of the fastest on the market. On the other hand, it must be considered that PersonalVPN is not an excellent solution for Netflix aficionados, as it doesn’t unblock the geo-limitation. PersonalVPN also requires billing information to sign-up.

Personal VPN for PC

In terms of pricing, PersonalVPN is very outstanding, as it offers not only different deals, but also different bundles. So, we have the PersonalVPN Basic™, that includes:

  • All VPN Service Features
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, and IPsec IKEv1
  • Optimized Super-Fast IPsec w/IKEv2
  • Monthly Plan Available
  • 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

The most convenient deal for this plan is $3.06 per month, with a 36-month plan and a total of $109.99.

A second deal available on PersonalVPN website is called PersonalVPN Pro™. As reported on their website, this service is the “Best for Censored Countries” and includes:

  • All VPN Service Features
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, IPsec IKEV1
  • Optimized Super-Fast IPsec w/IKEv2
  • Enhanced & Customizable OpenVPN (65.000 ports, TCP/UDP, Encryption Level, port randomization)
  • Unique-per-User 4096-bit certificate (not a shared one like other providers)
  • 256-bit Military-Grade AES Encryption
  • Fully Customizable Connection Profiles
  • Stealth Modes (Obfuscates VPN traffic to avoid Blocking & Censorship)
  • 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

The lowest price for this bundle is $4.44 per month, with a 36-month plan and a total of $159.99.

And there we are to the final bundle, called PersonalVPN Premier™. The plan contains:

  • All VPN Service Features

All PersonalVPN Pro includes, plus:

  • 8 simultaneous connections

Add your own VPN Router, plus:

  • Easily share your VPN throughout your home or office!
  • Any device w/ethernet or Wi-Fi can use your VPN. Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, you name it!
  • Exclusive VPN Router Set Up Tools.
  • 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

The most convenient offer for this plan is $5.83 per month, for 3 years. The total cost of the offer would then be $209.99.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is a VPN service that owns over 5,900 servers across over 90 countries. CyberGhost does the job perfectly; it offers good protection, privacy, and anonymity to the user. The greatest aspect of CyberGhost is the extra features, such as the AdBlock function and the block of malware and trackers. According to the CyberGhost website, their service offers access to blocked websites, safe P2P Torrenting, unblock of streaming services, stream sporting events, and play region-locked games.

CyberGhost vs express vpn subscription

CyberGhost gives you anonymity hiding your IP address, protecting your Digital Identity, securing your bank transactions, and creating a private encrypted network on public WiFi spots.

At the moment, their pricing list is very convenient. The options are many, starting from the 1-month subscription, out for €12.99. We then have the 1-year subscription, out for €5.99, the 2-year  subscription for €3.69, and the 3-year plan, the most convenient, for €2.64 per month.

HotSpot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a VPN service that allows Torrenting and unblocks Netflix geo-restrictions. Hotspot Shield owns over 500 servers spread across 24 countries. The experience offered by HotSpot Shield is excellent, thanks to an interface well projected and very good looking. The WiFi protection and malware detection (only offered as a VPN Chrome extension) are acceptable, the P2P is permitted, and the speed tests have revealed it as a high-speed product. HotSpot Shield in 2019 won the prize as “World Fastest VPN” at the Speedtest Awards by Ookla.

HotSpot Shield vs express vpn subscription

As declared on the official website “Hotspot Shield is the World’s Fastest VPN. To win this award, Hotspot Shield outperformed competitors in both local and international testing conducted by Ookla.”

According to the website HotSpot Shield “achieved unprecedented results in testing by Ookla staff, actually increasing speed over long-distance connections. All other VPNs Ookla tested decreased download speed by at least 42.5%, while Hotspot Shield increased download speed by over 26.2%.”

Giving a price to the quality of HotSpot Shield is very simple; in fact, there are only two different plans available. If you’re looking for a monthly subscription, it will cost you €12.99 billed monthly. To save some money, you should consider the annual subscription, which costs €7.99 per month, for a total of €95.88 billed yearly.


PureVPN is a cheap VPN service that owns over 2000 servers across more than 180 countries. PureVPN is ideal for downloading and streaming movies. Pure VPN is one of the safest VPNs you can find online, and it doesn’t keep logs, giving you all the privacy desired. On the main website, the guys of PureVPN invite you to “Experience The Fastest VPN Service Ever!”.

Pure VPN for PC

The cost of this service is very affordable, and according to the plan that you choose, you also get to save some money. The monthly plan is out for $10.95 per month. The 1-year plan costs $5.83 per month for a total of $69.95 billed yearly. The most convenient deal is the 2-year plan, which costs $3.33 per month, so $79.95 billed every second year.

Whatever plan you’ll choose, this is a great deal. If you’re looking for some basic VPN’s functions, PureVPN is the best deal for you.


IPVanished is a VPN service that guarantees privacy making your connection safe. Your IP address disappears, and your personal information remains protected. IPVanished is perfect for getting around censorship filters and geo-localization blocks. It allows ten simultaneous connections on multiple devices from one of the over 1,300 servers across more than 75 locations.

IP Vanished VPN for PC

The price of IPVanished depends on what plan you choose. The 1-month deal is out for $10.00 per month. The 3-month plan costs $8.99 per month, which makes it to $26.99 billed every three months, saving 25% of the original cost. The best value deal is the 1-year subscription, out for $6.49 per month. The total price of this deal is $77.99, billed annually, which makes you save 46% of the full cost of the service.

The Verdict

Navigating online is one of those ordinary actions we all do on a daily basis without considering all the risks involved in the process. It’s just part of the routine, like waking up and having breakfast.

Unfortunately, many sad events linked to unsafe networks happen every day. For this reason, we should make sure to encrypt our internet connection to save our privacy and identity.

VPN services including are what we need. Those presented above are the 7 Best VPN Services You Could Find Online. As usual, all the software that we present on Job Wherever articles are tested and reliable.

Make sure to read all the functions offered by the VPNs presented in the article and find the one that better satisfies your needs.

If you’ve enjoyed this article, make sure to check our Software & Productivity section to discover more about technology and online services.