7 Best FREE Video Editing Software for PC, Mac and Linux in 2021

If you have a passion for video making, there’s nothing better than rewatching your footage and turning it into proper videoclips. In fact, video editing is an essential part of the video making process. 

In this guide, we’re going to suggest 6 free video editing software for Pc, Mac and Linux.

In this guide, you’ll find

  • Top Free Video Editing Software
  • How to Choose the Best Free Video Editing Software?
  • Free Video Editing Software for Pc, Mac and Linux
    • Shotcut
    • Blender 
    • DaVinci Resolve
    • Openshot
  • Best Free Video Editing Software for Pc
    • VSDC Free Video Editor
    • VideoPad
  • Conclusion

Top Free Video Editing Software

When it comes to choosing a video editing software, many parameters must be taken into consideration. In fact, not only does the software have to guarantee good export quality, but it also has to be simple and smooth to use.

Most of the free video editing software for pc can be tough to use and can feature obsolete interfaces and functionalities. That’s because they might’ve been out there with no updates throughout the years.

For all these reasons, we genuinely advise you to pick one of our suggested software, tested and guaranteed by Job Wherever experts.

How to Choose the Best Free Video Editing Software?

Well, this is obviously a very subjective question. Everybody has their own needs and expectations. However, when approaching the video making world, picking the right tools is crucial. It’s incredibly important to do some research and to make sure that all software and hardware we’re about to use can actually satisfy all our needs.

A few things to take into consideration before picking an editing software:

  1. What kind of products am I going to produce?
  2. What video formats will I deal with?
  3. What’s my video editing level?
  4. What kind of platform am I going to use to edit my footage (Windows, Mac,….)?

These are just a few questions that you should ask yourself before starting to explore the net looking for the right tooling.

Once you’ve figured out the answer to all those questions, you’ll be able to select the right editing software that would ideally enhance your clips and make your editing life a lot easier.

Sometimes all we need is a tool that would allow us to simply put together some clips one after the other. In a case like this, there’s no point to look for a professional tool that would allow us to edit a 3D movie! In this case, I’d say: the lighter the software, the better it is!

Make sure to figure out your priorities and test the 6 Best FREE Video Editing Software for PC, Mac and Linux and pick the one that will let you easily create unbelievable projects with little effort! Remember, there’s no limit to creativity!

Free Video Editing Software for Pc, Mac and Linux

Before deep diving into the description of some of the top free video editing software, we want to point out that all our suggestions are tested and approved. 

We’re about to show you good alternatives, whether you’re looking for a software for your Windows PC, your MacBook or your Linux.

Let’s now have a look at some of the X Best Free Video Editing Software.


Shotcut is an interesting free video editing software supported by Windows, Mac and Linux.

Shotcut offers professional features and supports all the latest video and audio formats.

This software allows you to create your own timeline, trim footages, and move them into the timeline. Shotcut is very smooth and gives you the opportunity to create professional clips in a very simple yet effective way.

Shotcut also allows you to do some color correction. The available tools are uncountable, so you can fix the colors of your clips without needing an external plugin or software.

This free video editing software is able to render professional clips. All you need to do is to improve your editing skills and turn your ideas into art, Shortcut will do the rest. 

Click here to download Shotcut immediately!


Blender is a fantastic Open Source 3D Animation builder, developed for Microsoft, Mac and Linux. It is completely free to use.

The main focus of Blender is 3D creation and modelling, however, it also offers some basic video editing options. On Blender you can trim clips, apply color correction and video mask. Also, you can do some professional audio syncing and mixing.

Blender is an intuitive video making software that supports a ton of different video formats.

Blender is a great software, developed by volunteers and professionals. The Blender Foundation accepts donations to support the development of the software which is completely free, open source and always updated to satisfy all the new needs.

If you’re looking for a 3D animation suite, this is your software. For sure. If you simply need a free video editing software, It is definitely worth checking out.

Download here the latest version of Blender!

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is an advanced software that combines an intuitive user interface to professional features and tools. DaVinci Resolve is developed by Blackmagicdesign and works perfectly on Microsoft, Mac and Linux.

DaVinci Resolve is a major software that allows you to professionally apply color correction, visual effects, motion graphics and audio post production. 

Actually, you might think that this software is too good to be real… or free, in this case! Well, you must know that there’s also a paid version of the software that offers even more features. However, the free version of DaVinci Resolve includes all the features needed to create something nice. If you’re a beginner and you’re just about to approach the video editing world, DaVinci Resolve will give you the opportunity to work on a professional interface and test all those features that you consider essential to produce great projects. Then, who knows, one day you might also consider to upgrade the software with the paid version.

Download the latest version of DaVinci Resolve at this link!


Openshot is one of the simplest free video editing software you can find online. Openshot is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It includes many interesting features, such as clip resizing, scaling, trimming, rotation and cutting. Openshot also allows you to add 3D animated titles, starting from premade animations. 

The timeline of Openshot is very advanced and it easily gives you the opportunity to work on your project simply dragging and dropping files one after another. 

Openshot also includes tools to adjust brightness, gamma, greyscale and chrome key.

Last but not least, Openshot allows you to mix and edit audio to perfectly blend it into your project. 

Openshot might not offer the professional tools that you can find on other software. However, the interface of Openshot is the easiest to approach. All newbies would ideally start from here and try to then figure out what other software they might possibly need. 

Click here to download Openshot for free!

Best Free Video Editing Software for Pc

We’ve just presented some of the best free video editing software you can find online. Those software are available for Windows, Linux and Mac. However, if you’re using Windows, you must know that there’s another couple of software that we couldn’t leave out of this guide. Unfortunately, they are not available on Mac and Linux platforms, but if you use Windows, we highly encourage you to give them a go.

VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor is a very user friendly tool that combines the simplicity of a video editing software for beginners with professional tools that can enhance the quality of your projects. As we’ve already said above, this software is only available for Windows.

Among all the great functions, it also includes color correction and audio editing.

Premade filters are also available, so you get to save time and give to your clips some intensity and atmosphere.

The features included in VSDC Free Video Editor are so many, and mentioning all of them would be very complicated. However, you must know that it allows you to apply visual and audio effects. Also, a motion tracking tool helps you to track movements of objects in your footage, so you can assign other elements to the trajectory of those objects. This can be useful when you need to blur a face or add titles or captions.

Last, but not least, VSDC Free Video Editor allows you to quickly export your projects to social networks. 

If you think that VSDC Free Video Editor could be a good starting point for you, click here and download it for free!


VideoPad is a basic video editing software, developed by Softonic. VideoPad is only available for Windows devices and it’s a very good starting point for new videomakers.

If you’re making your first steps into the video making environment, you definitely want to start with something like this. Obviously, all experienced videomakers might find VideoPad a bit too basic.

VideoPad offers very nice and simple transition presets, to have fun and create nice clips without too much effort. It also gives you the opportunity to pick sound effects from an internal library and stabilize your footage.

The software also allows you to apply text on your clips, apply color correction and light balance.

VideoPad also supports a wide range of audio and video formats, so you can import all your files with no issues at all.

This software might be too basic for those who are looking for producing big video editing projects. However, it’s very useful for all beginners and those who are looking for a light software to create and export short clips for social networks will also love it.

Click here to download VideoPad for free!


Last but not least, Clipchamp is great free video editor that makes video editing easy for everyone. Thanks to its intuitive functions, Clipchamp allows users to create amazing videos even without any video editing experience. Another interesting feature of Clipchamp is the newly introduced Teams BETA functionality. This feature allows multiple video makers to work simultaneously on their videos. This is really useful to collaborate and make video as a team!


We’ve just seen the 6 Best FREE Video Editing Software for PC, Mac and Linux.

As you probably could notice, there’s a big amount of free video editing software online. Some of them allow you to work on your footage and create great projects, however you must be aware that on the net you can find a bit of everything and sometimes spending time on some products is just not worth it. For this reason, we encourage you to test the six software we suggested above, before moving on looking for something different. 

Among the six software presented above, you can find stuff for all levels and devices.

The first four software are developed for Windows, Mac and Linux, and the last two are exclusively Windows based.

All level videomakers will be able to find the perfect software on this guide, however, let’s try to be more specific.

Beginners would surely appreciate Openshot and VideoPad. These two software combine simple interface and tool with good quality and nice user experience. Very good starting points!

Seasoned users Would love DaVinci Resolve and VSDC Free Video Editor. These two software feature incredible tools and give you the opportunity to enhance the quality of your footage and to create professional-looking  projects.

So, yeah! There’s a bit for everyone in here!

However, if you are not a beginner and you edit videos on a professional level, you might also be interested in knowing something more about professional video making tools.

One of the most famous professional video making software surely is Adobe Premiere Pro. The software obviously is not free, and it’s part of the Adobe Suite.

Adobe Premiere Pro includes all features to create professional movies, documentaries, interviews and journalistic packages. You’d rarely find anything comparable on the market. So, if you think that you might have some budget to invest in a professional tool, you should probably read our guide about How Much is Adobe Premiere Pro? Price, Free Trial, Plans and More.