Best 5 10 Minute Email to Protect your Privacy in 2020

How many times have you felt uncomfortable giving your (real) email address when registering to a website or an app? As most websites will ask you to verify your email address, using a fake email address is no longer an option. The solution to your problem is a temporary email generator (also known as 10 minute email address). 

In this article I reviewed the best 5 temporary email generators (also known as 10 minute email addresses) available on the internet.

A bit of background on temporary email generators (10 minute emails)

A temporary email generator (also known as 10 minute email) is a website (or app) that creates a temporary email address that you can use to receive (and in some cases send) emails. The reason why this service is called “10 minute email” is that your temporary email address will change every 10 minutes if you do not extend it. There are basically two main categories of temporary email accounts. One that only allows you to receive emails and one that also allows you to send emails. In this article we, will test and review both types of temporary email accounts.

A 10 minute email account is not always the best option. For example, if you need to use an email address for a long time, I would recommend creating a new free second email address in Gmail or Outlook This way, you can use your new address when a website you do not trust asks you for your personal data. Let’s take a look the situations in which a 10 minute email address is a good idea.

When and why should use a 10 minute email address to protect your privacy

Protecting your main email address is becoming more and more difficult as most websites ask you to verify your email address when signing up. In the past it was very easy to “fool” the system. In fact, it was enough to fill in a fake email address when registering to a website. Nowadays, you need some more sophisticated techniques (such as a temporary email address) to protect your privacy. I said that you NEED this because if you will not protect your main email address, your inbox will be completely full of spam.

You should use a 10 minute email address to register to websites with the following characteristics:

  • Unimportant websites 
  • Websites that do not ask you to insert your payment information 
  • You will not be in trouble if you won’t be able to access this website anymore
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Why should you only use temporary email accounts to register to websites with these characteristics? Easy, a temporary mail address expires after a few minutes. This is enough to confirm your email address but not to recover it if you lose access to your account. So you do not want to use a temporary email account to register to important websites.

Also make sure to save your password in a safe place as you might not be able to change your password if you use a 10 minute email address to register to a website.

When it is dangerous to use a 10 minute email address

Using a 10 minute email address to register to a website with important information can be quite dangerous. Let’s imagine you registered to your online bank account with a temporary email address. Saving your password in a safe place where you cannot lose it (for example on Google passwords) is not enough. In fact, it might happen that your bank will ask you to reset your password via an email. Or at least, to verify your identity using a code sent to your email address. 

A similar risky situation is when you register your credit card details and sign up for a paid subscription. If you forget your password (people tend to underestimate their ability to remember their password!!), you will not be able to stop your subscription. You do not want to take this risk!! 

For these sorts of situations, I would recommend creating a second email account. This way you can keep your main email account for important stuff and use your second email account for less important websites.

Temporary email generator and data protection

One of the most important features of a temporary email generator is how safely your data is stored. You really want to be sure that the emails being sent to and from your temporary account are well encrypted and no hacker can intercept them! 

To guarantee your safety, an email generator needs to use HTTPS protocol. This means that your data is encrypted and hackers cannot read it. You can verify if a website is encrypted or not by checking the URL bar of the web browser you are using (Chrome, Explorer Opera, Firefox, Safari etc.). When you are on a certain web page, just check if you see a small “lock” before the website’s URL. If so, it means that the website is using HTTPS protocol. At Job Wherever we use HTTPS protocol to protect your data, so you will find a small lock on the side of the 


In this article we only selected 10 minute email websites that safely encrypt your data via HTTPS protocol. So you do not need to worry about your privacy when using the temporary email generators that we propose in this article.

Best 5 10 minute email accounts

Now that you know what a temporary email account is, let’s take a look at the best websites to create a temporary email address for free. We independently tested and review the best 5 website offering free 10 minute email addresses receive and send emails is a great website that allows you to create temporary email addresses quickly, easily and for free. This website also allows you to answer back to the emails you receive in your temporary inbox. also allows you to add more minutes to extend your “10 minutes”. So no need to stress about time if 10 minutes does not sound like enough time for you!

How to use

Just go to and take a look at the top left of the page. There you will find your temporary email address (indicated in red in the screenshot below). On the right side of your email address you will find a counter indicating how many emails you received. Underneath the email address you will find a timer showing how much time you have left before the expiration of your temporary email address. Below the timer you can find a button to add 10 minutes to the lifetime of your inbox.

The emails received by your 10 minute email address (for example a confirmation email after using this address to register to a website) will show up below the timer. While testing 10minutemail, I sent an email to my temporary email address. The email arrived really quickly to my temporary email address and it was immediately visible in the temporary mailbox (as in screenshot below). also offers you the opportunity to answer or forward an email you received. You can do that by just clicking the forward or answer button on the side of the email you received.


In conclusion, this is an amazing website to create a temporary account to receive and send emails. The only limitation of this website is that it does NOT allow you to download attachments. receive emails with attachments is a great free temporary email generator. It is very easy to use and also very fast. It offers an app for Android and iOS to create temporary emails. This can be quite useful if you often need to create a 10 minute email address. Another great function of this website is the fact that it offers a “copy” button that you can use to copy your email temporary email address. This is particularly useful if you are using this website from your mobile device. allows you to download attachments from emails you will receive on your temporary email address.

10 min emails

How to use

Copy your temporary email address and use it where you need it. When your temporary email account receives an email, this will be shown underneath your email address. This temporary email generator offers the possibility of downloading the email you received but NOT the possibility of answering or forwarding an email. also allows you to download attachments.

To conclude, this is a really good 10 minute email website…if you do not need to answer or forward the emails you will receive. receive emails with attachments is a great website that allows you to create temporary email addresses. is really fast in receiving emails and it also allows you to download files attached to the emails you receive. is really easy to use and it does not require any registration. Just go to and your temporary email address will be waiting for you. Just click the “Copy to clipboard” button to copy your temporary address. 

When you will receive emails, they will appear in the Inbox located lower on the page. Just scroll down on the page to find your inbox. To open an email just click on its subject. There you will also find the attachments and you can download them in just a click.

10 minute mail

This amazing website also offers the possibility to add 10 minutes to your timer to extend the lifespan of your temporary email. It also allows you to recover deleted emails from your temporary email address. All these functions can be easily found underneath the “Copy to clipboard” button. 

The only downside? This 10 minute email service does not allow you to answer back emails.

I would really recommend using, in particular if you need to download attachments and not need to answer emails. 

Minuteinbox: extended lifespan for your temporary inbox

Minuteinbox is a 10 minute email service that offers one special feature. In fact, this is one of the few temporary email accounts that allows you to extend the life of your temporary email address up to a month. The visual interface of this website is not particularly beautiful and it also does not allow you to answer back emails or download attachments. 

However, it is still one of the top temporary email generators thanks to the extended lifespan of its free temporary accounts. To use this website, just go to and your temporary email address will be there waiting for you! Just below your email address you can find a button to extend the duration of your temporary email address up to a month!

10 min inbox

Temporary personalized email address

The four 10 minute email websites that I reviewed above are great but they all miss one specific functionality. In fact, they do not allow you to create a personalized email address. There are other temporary email address websites that offer such a functionality, but let me explain why I would not recommend them. 

The reason why you would need a personalized temporary email address is probably to have a credible temporary email address. If you use a 10 minute email website, your temporary email address will be valid but it will not have a well known domain (like or So if you want a temporary email address with a known/credible domain, I would recommend creating a new email account from a known provider. For example, you can open a new free Gmail account by following our guide. This is free and only takes a few minutes. After creating a new account, you can just use it to register to any website where you do not feel confident giving your real email address. This will protect your privacy and prevent your inbox being filled with spam!

The verdict

These were the best 10 minute email websites available on the internet. Each of them offers slightly different functionalities. To make your life easier, the functionalities of the best 4 10 minute email websites are summarized in the table below. Choose the one that best fits your needs and keep your inbox free form spam!!

Reply to emailsDownload attachmentsPersonalized temporary email addressExtend time
10minutemail.comYesNoNo Extend for 10 minutes
10mineail.comNoYesNoExtend for 10 minutes
10minutemail.netNoYesNoExtend for 10 minutes
MinuteinboxNo NoNoUp to 1 month
New Gmail AccountYesYesYesNo limit